baitcaster reels vs spinning reels

Baitcasting Reels vs Spinning Reels – How to Pick Best Fishing Reel

New to fishing and confused between which fishing reel to choose? Nevermind, let us help you with our detailed comparison between Baitcasting reels vs spinning reels. In this article we have compared all the features of these two fishing reels so that you can have a clear idea on which one will work best for you . 

Fishing is an easy task once you master it. You will have to choose the right equipment for it. Depending on your fishing location, target the requirements go on changing so make sure you got the right equipment.

Baitcasting Reels vs Spinning Reels

Now let’s move to the main topic which is Bait-casting reels VS Spinning reel.


Baitcasting reel

Baitcasting reels are mostly used by experienced anglers as they are hard to use for beginners. When you require a test line over 10 a Baitcasting reel is recommended. Moreover, anglers usually experience backlash while using a Bait-casting reel.

Spinning reel

Unlike bait casting ones, spinning reels are perfect for beginners as they have easy-to-use features. They are used with test lines less than 10, anything over that is hard to handle. Moreover, these reels are used during all types of fishing. 

Design of the reel 

Baitcasting reel 

A baitcasting reel is loaded on the top of the fishing rod and the spool is parallel to the rod. Moreover, the spool also moves when the handle is rotated, which makes it hard to handle for a beginner. 

Spinning reel 

A spinning reel remains at the bottom of the fishing rod and the spool is perpendicular to the rod. Moreover, the bail rotates when the handle is rotated unlike the bait-casting reel where the whole spool rotates. 

Drag power

Baitcasting reel 

As compared to a spinning reel, these reels have stronger drag. They are made for catching bigger fishes so they can fight these fishes easily. 

Spinning reel

Spinning reels have lower dragging capabilities. However, they are enough while fishing for medium-sized fishes  

Casting distance 

Baitcasting reel

Among all four types of reels bait-casting reels are known to be the farthest casting reels. They can cast up to 60 yards of distance. 

Spinning reel

On the other hand spinning reels can only cast up to 20-30 yards of distance. However, the casting distance depends on the length of your fishing rod, line weight and the lure. 


Bait-casting reel

As compared to spinning reels, the bait-casting reels are on the expensive side. Moreover, they have a good range of features so they are worth the price. 

Spinning reel

Spinning reels are cheaper and have more features at a lower price range. However, they have less line capacity and many other features in moderation, these reels are worth the price range. 


Bait-casting reel

Bait-casting reels are on the lighter side for their carbon metal build. Additionally, they are not designed for light lines. Moreover, they can handle heavier lines easily. 

Spinning reel

Spinning reels are heavier than compared to bait-casting reels for their metal build and can handle light lines and lures easily. 


Baitcasting reel

Heavy lures and baits are used with bait-casting reels as they cannot handle lightweight lures 

Spinning reel 

Spinning reels are made to handle lightweight lures perfectly because of their less line capacity.  


What are bait-casting reels good for?

Bait-casting reels are mostly used for big fishes with a good drag power and if you want to cast long distances. Moreover, they are used by experienced anglers.

Are bait caster reels hard to use?
Yes, bait caster reels are hard to use as compared to spinning reels because of its back lashing and line tangling. Moreover, there are many additional features that might confuse the newcomers. 

Do pros use spinning reels?

Yes, many professional anglers use spinning reels too for their versatility. Moreover, they can be used anywhere and can cast small lures. 

What are four types of fishing reels?

The four types of fishing reels are spinning reels, bait-casting reels, spin-cast reels and fly reels. Each of them have their own speciality and are used for different fishing styles. 


If you are a beginner always go for a spinning reel as it’s easy to use and maintain. However, if you have a good experience, the decision is up to you. As both of them have their own pros and cons, we can’t say which one overpowers the other one. We hope this article has helped you in any way it could. You can also check out our article on top 10 best spinner reels of 2022 if you want to get an amazing spinner reel for your fishing adventure. . 

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