Best Spinning Reels for Crappie of 2023 – Review & Buying Guide

Everyone loves crappies, right? However, if you don’t, this article is not for you. Crappies are usually found in freshwater lakes in the USA and are an easy target for beginners. Therefore, we have brought best spinning reels for crappie of 2023.


If you are a beginner, you can easily catch crappie with no hassle or strong fight. Okay, in this article we will let you know the top 5 best spinning reels for crappie of 2023.

So, you can get the best crappie spinning reel for your fishing adventure. 

An expert knows, crappie is easy to catch and is usually small in size so you don’t have to buy a big sized spinning reel for a mere crappie.

We like it.

Here, we have given only small sized spinning reels which are lightweight yet durable and when paired with a perfect fishing rod will yield the best results. Great!

Moreover, if you need an all in one spinning reel, check out the list of top 10 best spinning reels of 2023.

Best Spinning Reels for Crappie 

ServiceMain FeaturesScore
Best SpinnerKastKing Centron spinning reel

KastKing Centron spinning reel

Check PriceRead Full Review
Best BudgetSHIMANO Sahara Fi Spinning Reel

SHIMANO Sahara Fi Spinning Reel

  • Mono line capacity 
  • PowerPro line capacity
  • Max. drag force
Check Price
Best OverallSougayilang Fishing Reel

Sougayilang Fishing Reel

Check Price
Best ValueTempo Apex Spinning Reel

Tempo Apex Spinning Reel

  • Premium carbon drag
  • Premium performance
  • Ultra lightweight
Check Price
Best SpinnerPflueger President Spinning Fishing Reel

Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Reel

  • 7 bearing System
  • Sealed Drag System
  • Graphite body and rotor
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1. KastKing Centron Spinning Reel– Best Cheap Spinning Reel for Crappie

Best Spinner
best spinning reel for crappie

Why We Love It

  • Centron can handle a max drag force of up to 17.5 lbs which is way greater for a crappie
  • The anodized aluminum spool makes sure the reel does not corrode easily
  • One of the best budget spinning reel with a price range less than $30

Weighing only 7.3 Oz, the KastKing Centron will make the best spinning reel combo with a 6 feet spinning rod. Plus, the Centron is available in different sizes, starting from size 500 up to size 5000.

What advantages does it offer?

You have the choice to get one according to your preference. However, as crappie fishing is considered, a reel size of 2000 or 3000 will be the best. 

Moreover, Centron also features powerful gears with a gear ratio of 5.2:1 which will help in fast retrieval.

We have an idea on what you want to know.

What makes the Centron the best spinning reel for crappie is its smooth performance. How? This feature is available due to 10 stainless steel ball bearings.

Last but not least,

As said earlier, your hands won’t hurt even if you hold the fishing rod all day long because the Centron has negligible weight.

ColorBlack with Blue
Handle materialAluminum
Product weight (in ounces)7.3 oz
Hand orientationAmbidextrous


  • Smooth working drag
  • Cheap price
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Stays stable


  • It’s hard to close the bail
  • Finish is not great


It will be nice to have a Centron spinning reel if you need a spinning reel exclusively for crappie fishing. The durable yet lightweight spinning reel is capable of handling small crappies as well as slightly bigger basses and trouts easily. Moreover, the blend of graphite and aluminium makes it manageable and long lasting. Hence, it’s the best spinning reel for crappie of 2023.

2. SHIMANO Sahara Fi Spinning Reel – Best Spinning Reel for Crappie for Money

Best Budget
Best Spinning Reels for Crappie 

Why We Love It

  • The Sahara when paired with a compatible fishing rod can cast longer distances as compared to others 
  • Moreover, the smooth working GFree body provides a lightweight reeling experience
  • The size 2500 is ideal for crappie as well as bass and trout fishing with a fast retrieve

Having a max drag of 20 lbs which is way more than required for a crappie, the Sahara FI by Shimano is the best crappie spinning reel for money.

That’s impressive!

Do you know? The Sahara is available in 3 sizes namely 500, 1000 and 2500. But the question is which one is best.

Yes. Out of these three, the last one would be the best option for crappie as well as bass and trout fishing.


The Hagane gear with a gear ratio of 5.0:1 is perfect for crappie fishing as it provides a faster retrieve rate which is required.

Also, the exclusive Shimano GFree body helps in moving the center of gravity towards the rod which leads to shifting of weight and so you will not feel its negligible weight.

Don’t worry about durability.

Keep in mind, the durability is high as compared to other Shimano spinning reels. 


Handle materialAluminum
Product weight (in Grams)250 grams
Hand orientationAmbidextrous


  • Smooth performance
  • Can cast long distances
  • Faster retrieve rate
  • Sturdy metal build


  • Does not include anti-reverse
  • Tough bail wire


If you are a fan of Shimano spinning reels and have used their reels, you might be knowing their incredibly precise craftsmanship however, if you don’t know, trust us and get this spinning reel for crappie fishing as it includes all the features required for crappies. However, if you are a beginner, it’s good to see a reel which has an anti-reverse feature because it will help you a lot. Besides that the Sahara has a number of excellent reviews from anglers worldwide. 

3. Sougayilang Fishing Reel– Best for Freshwater

Best Overall
best spinning reel for crappie 2022

Why We Love It

  • The Sougayilang spinning reel has an eye-catching appearance that is impossible to get at such a cheap price range
  • It has a comfortable grip and a metal handle for an easy and comfortable crappie fishing experience
  • Moreover, the max drag of 39 lbs is too much for a crappie and perfect for trout fishing 

Do colors attract you?

Congratulations! A colourful spinning reel by Sougayilang will be the best option for people who want the best features. Yes, we can’t compromise with those dull finishes on a spinning reel.

With this spinning reel you can easily go for freshwater fishing without thinking about corrosion or breaking, thanks to the whole aluminum body with corrosion resistant coatings. 

Is it not good to go?

Other than its eye-catching appearance, the reel also features powerful brass gears with a ratio of 6.0:1 which are capable of retrieving the line with a great speed.

So it leaves the crappie with no chance to escape.

Moreover, it’s available in 4 different sizes out of which the size 2000 and 3000 will work best for crappie fishing.

Do you want to catch a big bass?

Okay, you can get the 4000 ones for big bass or trouts.

MaterialAluminum, Graphite
Handle materialAluminum
Product weight (in Ounces)12.45 Ounces
Hand orientationAmbidextrous


  • Best for freshwater fishing
  • Non slip handle
  • Looks great
  • Fast retrieve


  • Weighs 12 ounces
  • Plastic reel base


If you are fine with the heavy weight of this Sougayilang spinning reel, you can go for it. Its other features such as the high gear ratio, good looks and corrosion resistant body makes it the top spinning reel for crappie.
However, as promised by the brand, the material quality is not that great and may break if overloaded. The reel’s seat is what goes first if you overload the reel.
Besides that it has an affordable price range and is good for small fishes like crappie. 

4. Tempo Apex Spinning Reel – Top Spinning Reel for Crappie

Best Value
top spinning reel for crappie

Why We Love It

  • The Apex has an extremely lightweight magnesium and carbon construction for an easy crappie fishing
  • Moreover, the super-smooth carbon fibre drag provides a maximum drag force of 39 lbs which is more than enough
  • Also, the 10+1 ball bearings will give you a fully frictionless performance during your fishing trip

One of the most underrated best spinning reel for Crappie is this Apex by Tempo which deserves a lot more.

What do we have done for you?

We have tested apex at different locations and found it out to be absolutely stunning and well performing. Apex is available from sizes 1000 to size 4000.

As a result, you can choose one according to your preference.

Our recommendation…

However, we would recommend you to get a size 2000 spinning reel for crappie fishing. 

Besides that, the aluminum spool is designed in such a way that the line will not get tangled or will not form wind knots.

Don’t forget to appreciate this feature.

What makes Tempo more special is its 30 day’s trial which makes sure their customer is well satisfied with their quality.

Similarly, they also provide a one-year warranty with all their spinning reels.

MaterialAluminum, Stainless Steel, Magnesium, Carbon
Handle materialEVA
Product weight (in ounces)6.3 Ounces
Hand orientationAmbidextrous


  • Quality material 
  • Can handle saltwater fishing
  • Super smooth performance
  • Powerful drag system


  • Tiny size 
  • The auto bail doesn’t work sometimes


At the price range below $30, the Apex by Tempo is worth every penny you will spend. The high quality materials like, magnesium, aluminum and stainless steel construction makes it durable and long lasting.
Moreover, the handle is also made of metal. Other than that, it’s a tiny spinning reel which may be a problem for someone with big hands. Otherwise, it’s a great spinning reel for crappie. 

5. Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Reel – Best Budget Crappie Spinning Reel

Best Spinner
best budget crappie spinning reel

Why We Love It

  • The aluminum and graphite construction paired with a stainless steel handle provide a great comfort and hassle free fishing experience
  • Available from sizes 2000 to 4000 any of the size will work best for crappie fishing
  • Moreover, it weighs only 0.4 pounds, which is a good option if you are planning an all day long fishing trip

The president by pflueger is known as one of the best inshore spinning reels as well as the best spinning reel for bass for its versatility and material quality.

You can cast long distances with no resistance at all with its 7+1 stainless steel ball bearings, which provide a super-smooth performance.

That’s very impressive!

Moreover, the graphite and aluminium build makes the reel lightweight and easily manageable. 

Also, the sealed drag washers provide a super smooth and powerful drag force. Keep in mind, this is actually not required in crappie fishing. But it’s good to have one for trout fishing.

Do you understand?

Moreover, the reel will leave no chance to disappoint you in any aspect so you can get the President with a blind eye.

Handle materialStainless Steel
Product weight (in Pounds)0.46 Pounds
Hand orientationAmbidextrous


  • 7+1 ball bearings
  • Incredibly smooth performance
  • Lightweight
  • Compact reel


  • May break if overloaded
  • Not for saltwater fishing


It’s the last yet the best spinning reel for crappie 2023. Investing your hard earned money in the President is the best thing you can do if you are a new angler. It has a good build quality and the best features required for crappie fishing.
However, the graphite construction is not made for heavy tasks so only limit the reel up to crappie, bass and trout fishing. Other than that, the President is what many people prefer for crappie fishing. 

How to Choose a Spinning Reels for Crappie Fishing

Crappie fishing is not a hard task, it’s so easy that even if you are a beginner, you can catch a number of crappies on your first fishing trip.

However, you will require the right equipment and spinning reel with you. Here we have given some points which you should consider while buying a new spinning reel for crappie fishing.

Now, let’s get started with the buying guide.

Size of the spinning reel 

The size of the spinning reel is the most important thing to see while buying one as it decides how much you will yield from your fishing trip. You know, crappie is a small sized fish found in freshwater lakes, you should get a small reel size of 2000-3000.

Do you know?

Big crappies don’t exist; therefore, your big reels won’t do any good here.

In this article also we have featured spinning reels of sizes ranging from 500 to 5000. You can also check out the spinning reel sizes for detailed information. 

Material of the spinning reel 

For a freshwater fishing trip, you won’t require any metal or high-quality spinning reel, a small graphite spinning reel will do.

Moreover, crappie is lightweight and small so they won’t require any top quality metal bodied reels. However, if you get one it’s good as they have chances of lasting long as compared to graphite reels.

Weight of the spinning reel

Always check for the weight of the spinning reel before buying one as you may get fatigued and regret your choice even though the reel works great.

A lightweight reel is best for crappie fishing. Although, mostly small size reels have less weight and it’s good to get a spinning reel with weight less than 10 oz.

You can also check out our article on best ultralight spinning reels of 2023 for more options.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ’s)

As crappie is a small size freshwater fish, you can go for a spinning reel of size 2000 or 3000 for best results. The 5 best spinning reels given in this article are from the same size range.

We know Shimano for making the best freshwater spinning reels as well as the best spinning reels for crappie. The SHIMANO Sahara Fi Spinning Reel has been in our list and performs well as compared to its price range. 

For crappie fishing the water temperature should be around 68 degrees so you can get the best yield. Many known fishermen wait for this right temperature otherwise, it’s hard to catch crappie at the wrong temperature. 

We would recommend you to get the Pflueger President Spinning Fishing Reel as it’s one of the trusted spinning reel by professional anglers and won’t break unless you overload it. Moreover, it is not at all overpriced. 


All set for your next freshwater fishing trip? Great! We know your answer would definitely be a yes because there is no chance of avoiding these best spinning reels for crappie.

In addition,

These are under budget, have a good build quality and are comfortable to use, what’s more you require?

For making it even easier for you, here we have given our favorite spinning reels out of those five. 

We hope that you have loved our article and are also satisfied with our recommended spinning reels for crappie.

We have toiled hard to make this list by testing these spinning reels under different circumstances. Therefore, do get your favorite spinning reel for crappie. 

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