Best Surf Fishing Spinning Reels

Top 5 Best Spinning Reels for Surf Fishing of 2023 – Best Guide

Surf fishing is one of the most popular types of fishing. This trend produced the need enlist the best spinning reels for sirf fishing of 2023.

You know,

Many people in the world enjoy spending their holidays while going to the beach side for fishing. If you are one of them, you will require one of the best spinning reels for surf fishing, as your freshwater spinning reels won’t work here.

Also, these spinning reels have to be specific size for a brilliant performance. Don’t worry, we have also provided a detailed buying guide for surf spinning reels.

Best Surf Fishing Spinning Reels

In this article, we have featured the top selling and best surf fishing spinning reels which we have tested and used during our fishing trips as well.

Moreover, we have provided a detailed review about the working of these spinning reels so you can have the best options in front of you.

Best Spinning Reels for Surf Fishing 2023

ServiceMain FeaturesScore
Best SpinnerPenn - Conflict II Spinning Reel

Penn – Conflict II Spinning Reel

  • Casts long distance 
  • Durable build 
  • CNC gears 
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Best BudgetTsunami SaltX Spinning Reels

Tsunami SaltX Spinning Reels

  • 100% waterproof 
  • Compact size
  • Great black finish
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Best OverallDaiwa SSaltist Spinning Reel

Daiwa SSaltist Spinning Reel

  • Super smooth drag 
  • Fast retrieve 
  • Carbon drag system 
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Best ValueShimano Baitrunner D Spinning Reel

Shimano Baitrunner D Spinning Reel

  • Great line capacity
  • Fully metal bodied
  • Durable 
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Best SpinnerShimano Ultegra XTD Surf Reel

Shimano Ultegra XTD Surf Reel

  • Great casting
  • Extremely lightweight 
  • Amazing drag force
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1. Penn 1481283 Conflict li– Best Spinning Reel for Surf Fishing 

Best Spinner

Why We Love It

  • Coming from a well-known brand, the Conflict li has a full metal body which is durable and long lasting
  • Moreover, the powerful CNC gear technology provides a great functionality and speed
  • Also, the sturdy carbon fibre drag washers allow you to fight big fishes without breaking line

This black beast by PENN is the first choice of professional anglers when it comes to surf fishing.

O great!

As the name suggests, the Conflict li will fight with those huge saltwater fishes with its long distance casting abilities and a size of 5000.

Plus, you are provided with a good number of ball bearings, which are 7+1, perfect for a smooth performance.

The most attractive features,

Also, the Conflict li features a great instant anti-reverse feature because of that one roller bearing provided which stops the handle and spool from rotating and prevents the line from tangling.

What makes it more special?

It is carbon fibre drag washers which provide a powerful drag force for surf fishing and a max drag of 20 lbs.

Therefore, it’s a superb choice for surf fishing. 

Handle materialStainless Steel
Product weight (in ounces)16.8 Ounces
Hand orientationAmbidextrous


  • Casts long distance 
  • Weighs only 1 pound 
  • Durable build 
  • CNC gears


  • Anti-reverse is not great 
  • Manual bail 


As the Conflict li tops the list of best spinning reel for surf fishing, it won’t disappoint you in any way. It has an overall best performance. Moreover, the speciality is it is long casting length which is due to the tall and shallow spool which helps in unspooling the line quickly.
However, if you are a fan of auto bail, then this one is not for you as it has a manual bail. Moreover, many Conflict li users have encountered the anti-reverse problem. 

2. Tsunami SaltX Spinning ReelsBest Surf Fishing Reel 2023

Best Budget

Why We Love It

  • You don’t have to worry about the corrosion of the spinning reel because it is fully sealed and water resistant 
  • Moreover, it has the highest max drag force amongst all reels which is 50 lbs and more than enough for surf fishing
  • The small yet durable body makes the SaltX manageable with its lightweight construction.

With a strong and sturdy aluminum build, the SaltX by Tsunami can be a good companion for your next onshore fishing trip.

Are you ready for the next trip?

Similar to the first one, the SaltX also comes with 7 stainless steel ball bearings for a smooth performance with no friction.

Apart from it, they have also provided a single roller bearing for which works instantly as soon as you click the button.

The next lines are going to surprise you.

The max drag of whooping 50 lbs is more than enough to stop any big fish and this is what makes the reel worth its price.

We also encountered that the retrieve of the SaltX is much faster and smoother than any other reel, it’s because of the high gear ratio of 5.3:1.

As a result,

If you want to be a heavy angler, get this one.


MaterialStainless Steel, Aluminum
Handle materialStainless Steel
Product weight (in Pounds)1 pounds
Hand orientationAmbidextrous


  • 100% waterproof 
  • Fully sealed 
  • Great black finish
  • Compact size 


  • Expensive 
  • Weighs more than 1 pound


The SaltX did perform well in every condition we put it through, from starting to end of our testing it performed consistently while giving a smooth and hassle free performance.
Moreover, the 6000 size makes it the best surf fishing reel. However, it is expensive so you have to break your savings for that but we assure you, it’s worth the price as it will last long and will give you a great surf fishing experience. 

3. Daiwa SSaltist Spinning Reel – Best Surf Fishing Reel 

Best Overall

Why We Love It

  • The SSaltist has a high gear ratio of 5.7:1 which is too fast and can retrieve line within seconds 
  • Also, the ABS spool design provides a great working and doesn’t let the line tangle  
  • Moreover, the size of the SSaltist ranges from 2500 up to 8000 so you have the freedom to get one according to your likes

Daiwa is a well-known brand amongst anglers for its high quality fish tackle, the SSaltist also comes in this category.

What is the strategy behind composition?

It has a graphite and aluminum body which makes it durable and long lasting. Plus, the 9 ball bearings with corrosion resistant coating provide an incredibly smooth performance while casting.

Other than that, the unique air rotor design is said to lower the weight of the spinning reel . 

Exploring it more,

You will be provided with an instant anti-reverse feature to make your reeling experience better as a beginner.

However, you will require a strong set of hands to handle the SSaltist all day long because it’s much heavier than a normal reel.

Otherwise, it’s a great option to go for if you require the best long cast surf spinning reel. 

Handle material
Product weight (in ounces) 9.5 ounces 
Hand orientationambidextrous


  • Super smooth drag 
  • Fast retrieve
  • Stainless steel bail 
  • Carbon drag system 


  • Weighs 2 pounds 
  • Not fully sealed 


The SSaltist is a great option if you always look for quality over price because it’s expensive as compared to other spinning reels but it’s worth it. The smoothness paired with fast retrieve is unmatchable at this price range. Moreover, the slip proof design makes sure it will stay in your hand.
However, it’s way too heavy and doesn’t fit in our category of ultralight spinning reels. Therefore, it’s up to you, if you have the experience of handling heavy reels definitely go for the SSaltist. 

4. Shimano Baitrunner D Spinning Reel – Best Long Cast Surf Spinning Reel 

Best Value

Why We Love It

  • Looks great and also has a durable full metal body so it won’t break unlike those cheap graphite reels 
  • You can get a size up to 12000D which is perfect not only for surf fishing but also offshore fishing
  • Similarly, the max drag of 20 lbs is more than enough for it to be the best surf fishing reel 

If you are looking for a one time investment, you should definitely go for the best Shimano surf fishing reel Baitrunner D.

We know,

It’s expensive but won’t let you pay anything more for at least two years. We found it to be heavy and a normal angler may get fatigue by simply holding the fishing rod with this reel for more than an hour. 


The gear ratio of 4.8:1 provides a good retrieve. Yet we can’t say the best as there are many faster reels available but it’s good. Also, the drag works finely.

What makes the Baitrunner stand out is its build quality which is incomparable.

Lastly, the 6 stainless steel ball bearings give a smooth performance. 

ColorGold, Multicolor
Handle materialmetal
Product weight (in pounds)1.88 Pounds
Hand orientationAmbidextrous


  • Great line capacity 
  • Durable 
  • Fully metal bodied 
  • Best choice for snapper


  • Too heavy 
  • Big baitfeeder switch 


If you have a good budget and are a fan of heavy spinning reels, the Shimano Baitrunner D is the best option for you as it will be a nice companion for your next inshore fishing trip and it specializes in snapper fishing.
Plus, Shimano is a trusted brand so you can invest your hard earned money in this best spinning reel for surf fishing with a blind eye. Although it’s heavier, so do make sure you can handle its weight or not. 

5. Shimano Ultegra XTD Surf Reel Best Surf Fishing Reel Australia

Best Spinner

Why We Love It

  • The Ultegra comes with a GFree body which will never let you feel the reel’s negligible weight on the rod
  • Moreover, the line management system makes sure that the line gets spooled properly and never gets tangled 
  • Lastly, the stainless steel handle won’t break while handling big fishes or even if you try it on purpose

One more spinning reel by Shimano is here which can easily compete with those big sea monsters.

That’s good!

This Ultegra is known to be one of the best surf fishing reels in Australia for its amazing build quality and capability to handle huge saltwater fishes.

Plus, it provides you with powerful Hagane gears exclusively found in Shimano reels. Also, it’s full metal bodied.

Other amazing features,

Moreover, the aluminium spool lip design makes sure the line doesn’t get tangled or wind knots won’t get formed.

Apart from it, you can control the friction easily with its instant front drag. So, your line won’t break anytime.

The size here is 5500 which is ideal for surf fishing. Therefore, you should definitely go for this one as it’s the best spinning reel for surf fishing 2023. 

MaterialStainless Steel
Handle materialStainless Steel
Product weight (in Pounds)1.08 Pounds
Hand orientationAmbidextrous


  • Lightweight
  • Amazing drag force 
  • Extra spool 
  • Great casting


  • Overpriced
  • Bail is not good


People searching for a cool looking and best working spinning reel would be delighted to have the Ultegra by their side for their next surf fishing trip. Shimano did not disappoint us in any manner and so it won’t do to you too.
However, we can say it’s overpriced because there are many other options available at lower prices. Although they have their own cons, check them once. Otherwise, it’s also a great choice, it’s totally up to you. 

How to Choose a Best Surf Spinning Reels 

Before buying any spinning reel you should always get some advice from your angler friends or professionals so you never make any wrong choice.

Do you agree with our point?

We can be your friend who has already consulted many professional anglers and now is going to help you to buy the best surf fishing reel.

Here we have given some factors which you should consider while buying a spinning reel for surf fishing.

Size of the spinning reel 

Size is what matters the most when it comes to spinning reel. Why? This is because their size is interdependent on many factors such as their compatibility with a fishing rod, strength and line capacity.

We would suggest that you get a spinning reel of at least size 5000 for a great surf fishing experience.

Plus, the size is limited up to 8000 because bigger reel sizes are for offshore fishing. If you require some more information, check out the spinning reel sizes. 

Durability of the spinning reel 

Surf fishing requires good equipment and the best spinning reel as well. Therefore, you should always check the material quality of the spinning reel.

If you have an option, always go for metal bodied spinning reels such as aluminum, stainless steel magnesium.

The reason behind this recommendation,

Actually, they are strong and won’t break while fighting big fishes like those cheap graphite reels. Also, make sure the spinning reel has a layer of corrosion resistant coating. 

Weight of the spinning reel 

Whenever getting a spinning reel, always buy one with the least weight obviously after looking at its features.

We would recommend you to get a spinning reel weighing less than a pound because they are easy to handle if you are going to hold the fishing rod in your hand all day long.

You can also check out the list of top 10 best ultralight spinning reels of 2023 for more options. 

Smooth performance 

Without a smooth performance, an angler can’t do anything because they may get frustrated due to sudden line breaking or if the handle stops rotating. Therefore, it’s as important as any other factor.

A spinning reel with a high number of ball bearings will provide a super-smooth performance. So, always look for one with more than 4 ball bearings. 

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ’s)

For the best surf fishing experience, you will require a spinning reel of size between 5000 to 8000, anything below or over that will not work properly. You can also check out the spinning reel sizes for a detailed guide. 

You will require a monofilament line of pound test line of 15 to 20 lbs. Moreover, a braided line of test line 20 to 40 lbs is required.

It’s better to get a fishing line which can blend with the water. If you are going for a braided line, it’s good to get one with blue or green color because they get camouflaged easily and are hard to spot for fishes. 

While casting in surf fishing you should never cast too close or too far the ideal distance for casting is 20 to 100 years. 


Spinning reels are versatile, they can be used anywhere and are available at a varied price range. Therefore, getting a spinning reel for surf fishing won’t disappoint you.

You can get any of these best spinning reels for surf fishing of 2023. Each of them is perfect and worth it.

However, if you are not yet satisfied, here are the two spinning reels recommended by our experts-

We hope that now you have the idea about what you want in a spinning reel and also select one of those five or maybe two. Now, pair it with a nice fishing rod and you are all set for your next surf fishing trip.

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