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Can You Catch Bass With A Spinning Rod? What is Spinning Rod

Are you a user of spinning rods and interested in catching bass this noon? Great! The plan is awesome for sure. But the point is can you catch a bass with a spinning rod? 


You need proper guidelines as a new angler. Your selection is good because a spinning rod is a good choice to deal with bass. In fact, it is more advantageous to use a spinning reel and rod for bass. The method we have focused on to catch a bass is a universal one as it stays with all bass situations. 

Can You Catch Bass With A Spinning Rod?

First of all,

You need to find out what is a spinning rod. Okay! Let’s move forward. 

What is a spinning rod?

Based on performance, spinning rods range from lighter to heavy types. While fishing, the rod gets bent due to the force applied to the reel line. Understanding the deep difference between various rods offers you choose one that fits best with bass. 

Bass Fishing

Catching smallmouth or largemouth bass with the fishing rod and reel is bass fishing. Of course, various varieties of bass are good to consider for fishing. 

Do you want to fish largemouth bass?

Okay! Find them in still water like lakes, ponds, and others. In fact, you can catch them in an area loaded with vegetation. 

On the other hand, the smallmouth bass is present in Great Lakes areas because it prefers cooler regions. 

Keep in mind,

Both types of bass offer a good amount of flesh to be used as food. 

Now, you have a basic idea of spinning rod and bass fishing. So, it’s time to discuss how to catch a bass with a spinning rod. 

Are you ready? Excellent!

How to catch a bass with a spinning rod?

To catch a bass with a spinning rod, you must consider some tactics that include rod length, power, and action. Let us discuss them one by one. 

  • Length of spinning rod 

As far as the ideal length of the spinning rod is concerned, 7 feet is an ideal choice. In fact, the reason is it stays fit with a short pole that offers accurate casting.


A longer rod ensures an extended casting distance. However, you can go for a short rod if the choice is a topwater rod. This rod comes with a tip with the face pointed toward the water’s surface. 

  • Power of spinning rod

For excellent performance, you can switch between medium or medium-light rod power. Note that- never go for a spinning rod that is too light. Alternatively, you would have to apply a good effort to adjust the hook in the bony jaw of the bass. 

Furthermore, drawing a fish that weighs more than 5 pounds would demand greater rod force. 

  • The action of spinning rod

Talking about the recommended action says that you must go for fast action. This action is good to cast lightweight lures. Furthermore, it offers good control over the lure movement during recovery. 

Line setup with spinning rod for bass fishing

Apart from details of the rod, you must know what braid line is good for spinning rod? So, let us discuss what kind of line fulfils our requirements. 

Prefer braided line as mainline

No doubt, you can easily go for any fishing line like fluorocarbon, braid, or monofilament. But our recommended option is a combination between braided line and fluorocarbon leader. 

As a mainline, use a braided line of 10 or 15 lb. Plus, you need to use fluorocarbon as a leader of 6 to 10 lbs. 

Lol, you are wondering about this combination.

Actually, the braided line comes with a slight stretch. As a result, you might have a small tug during retrieval. No doubt, it’s ideal to highlight a very slight bite. Plus, it’s a perfect choice to deal with long distances.

But, here is a drawback.

In fact, it is too visible to bass in water. To overcome this limitation, we have a solution to attach it with a fluorocarbon leader. 

Keep in mind, the length of this leader must be 20 or 24 feet. 

In addition,

Every angler wants a lure that quickly sinks in the water. For your information, fluorocarbon does this action very well, while braid lacks this feature and floats on the surface. 

Final Verdict

As a new angler, people may ask you if can you catch a bass with a spinning rod. So, what would be your answer after reading this article? 

We can feel you have now gripped the way of bass fishing with a spinning rod. Now, you can answer them with 7 feet of medium power combined with fast action. Moreover, it must be paired with a medium reel speed of 2500.

Plus, a braid mainline of 15 lb with a fluorocarbon leader of 8 lb is an ideal configuration. 

Yeah! That’s all.

Simply, go for practice and boost your confidence. Furthermore, exploring the best bass spinning rods and bass fishing methods would give you more experience. 

So, consider it now!

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