How To Set Up a Spinning Reel

How Do You Assemble a Spinning Reel? A Step By Step Guide

As a new angler, you look doubtful about successful fishing. Isn’t it? Well, the reason is a lack of enough knowledge about fishing. As a result, you need to find out how to assemble a spinning reel. 

No worries, the very first go fishing might not be fruitful. 

But every problem has a solution. 

Yeah, following the proper steps, you would not miss out on the fish this noon. Learning how to assemble your gears is not too difficult. But, before assembling it, you must know the required instruments. 

Do you understand?

In addition, fishing reel types are diverse but in this post, we will tell you about Best spinning reel, the most simple type. So, consult this post and ensure a good output for the next trip. 

After mastering this topic, learning how to take apart a spinning reel would not be a problem for you. 

So, are you ready to learn it? 

Great! Let us move to our point without waiting. 

How To Set Up a Spinning Reel

How Do You Assemble A Spinning Reel?

Before assembling, check for the material you need. Oh! You are a new angler. Okay, arrange the material in the list below and move to the assembling process.  

  • Spinning reel
  • Spinning rod
  • Lures
  • Fishing line

Well done! Your equipment is ready to assemble. But wait! Do you have enough knowledge about these materials? 


Now, you can proceed to the first step of assembling a spinning reel. 

Step 1- Connect the ferrules

As the very first go, pick the rod and clean the ferrules with a soft cloth. Now, push them together and connect. Fit the ferrule with a decent twisting motion. Obviously, the thin and thick parts will be connected. 

During twisting motion, the orientation of guides should be parallel.

Have you seen the disturbance in alignment? 

Don’t worry! 

Put the twisting orientation more or less and it will be fine. Let’s move to the reel now. 

Step 2- Assemble the spinning reel

  • First of all, you must go for the reel seat. So, slacken the seat and place the reel foot between the edge of the seat. Furthermore, screw the reel and make it tight. Now, give it jerks. Is it shaking? No worries. Tighten it a bit more until it becomes stable. 
  • Next, carefully fill the line in the spool. To bypass issues during fishing, this part should be done with focus. 

Open the bail

Place a knot inside the spool. To secure it, you must go for an arbor knot. Alternatively, you can prefer a tape for security. Twist the line on another spool and adjust the line direction to reel it back to the spool. 

Honestly speaking, 

This similar direction will save your line from twisting. Now, hold the reel in one hand and pick the line with the thumb and index finger of another hand. Give it a start with rotation for line spooling. Keep rotating until the spool gets filled. 

Now, arrange a plane surface and place a spool on it. At this point, you can easily load the spool with the line while applying light pressure over it. 


Check for the slack line with twist-free filling. When you notice free space of about ⅛ inches, stop filling the spool. Yeah, it’s time to close the bail. 

However, in the very next go open the bail and remove the line from the guides. Now, place a knot at the end of the line and truss k with the lure. 

What’s more?

Rotate the drag in the anticlockwise or counterclockwise direction. 

All done!


You have successfully assembled the spinning reel. 

Final Verdict

Assembling and disassembling the spinning reel is part of the fishing routine. But the point is you must know how do you assemble a spinning reel.

Do you agree?

After two or three times practices, you will be able to properly assemble the reel. Once you learn it, taking the spinning reel apart would not be a problem. 

Trust me, these steps are simple. If you learn to fill a twist-free spool, you will enjoy a smooth fishing experience.


Practice practice and practice to make a bucket full of fish for home this evening. 

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