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How to Cast a Spinning Reel – A Complete Step by Step Guide

You must be a beginner who is trying to find all the resources available. Don’t worry! We have brought you a detailed guide on how to cast a spinning reel easily. So that, you can have all the knowledge before you fish. Casting is one of the most important parts of reeling as a good casting increases your chances of getting a wonderful fish. Moreover, good casting skills come with experience therefore, don’t get worried if you don’t get your expected results. 

Many experienced anglers have different casting techniques with lures and baits.in this article we have included the basic one as you are still a beginner. Setting the reel is the prior thing you should do before casting therefore check out our article on how to set up a spinning reel for a detailed guide. 

How to Cast a Spinning Reel 

Now, let’s move to the 10 simple steps to follow while casting a spinning reel. 

1. Set up the spinning reel

By setting up the reel, we mean to attach the spinning reel to the fishing rod perfectly. Moreover, spooling a spinning reel with precision. Check out our article on how to set up a spinning reel and how to spool a spinning reel for a detailed guide. 

2. Hold the rod 

Once you have set up and spooled the reel. Use your dominant hand to grip the rod firmly such that the reel is below the fishing rod and your first three fingers are before the spinning reel’s foot and your pinky finger is at the end. However, you can change the hand orientation of the reel if you are left handed by simply detaching the handle and reattaching it to the left side.

3. Pull the fishing line

Here we have assumed that you have already inserted the line through the guides while spooling and the line’s end has a bait or lure on it. If not, check out our article on how to set up a spinning reel. Now, take the index finger of your dominant hand out of the reel’s handle and apply light pressure on the line such that it gets closer to the fishing rod. 

4. Rotate the handle

With your nondominant hand hold the handle and rotate it clockwise or anticlockwise depending on your reel. Rotate the handle such that the line should be at least 6 inches long from the tip of the rod. Moreover, make sure the line is not more than 12 inches long from the tip because it can affect your casting distance.

5. Open the bail

Use your nondominant hand and open the bail by flipping it upside. This step is also a crucial one otherwise the line may get cut because of getting stuck into it while casting and your lure will get lost in the water. 

6. Decide your target 

Decide where you are going to cast your bait or lure so that you get the best catch. However, it’s hard to get to the targeted region as a beginner so don’t give up too early. It can take 5-6 tries to master this skill. Moreover, if you reach the target in the first attempt, you have got some serious fishing skills. 

7. Cast the line

Hold the reel with your dominant hand as explained in the first step, then use your nondominant hand to hold the fishing rod firmly, similar to a baseball bat. As a beginner this is the best way to cast the line as it will keep your fishing rod stable. Now, hold the fishing rod pointing towards the sky and try throwing the lure towards your intended target.

8. Release the line

Once the lure or bait is flying in the air, remove the index finger you were holding so that the tension is released. Now you can see the lure hitting the target. Moreover, if you don’t release the line, it can make a cut on your finger as the line is sharp enough. 

9. Loosen and tighten the line

If the lure hits your intended target, once again hold the line with your index finger and try loosening and tightening the line if it doesn’t get to the targeted location. 

This step lets you change the location of your lure if it does not satisfy you with it. 

10. Close the bail 

Lock the line by flipping the bail downward as it was earlier while performing the fifth step. It will make sure your line and the lure won’t float away with the water. 

That’s how you cast a spinning reel. Now, try different casting techniques and find out which one suits you the best. Once you start using a reel, you can master it within 2-3 hours easily. Therefore, don’t get worried if you don’t hit the target the first time itself. 


A quality spinning reel, fishing rod is important while fishing but the way you cast your line has a tremendous impact on your performance. Therefore, it will be better if you master the casting skills prior to a fishing adventure. We hope that you have understood the steps we have given in this article. As said earlier, a spinning reel is also important, therefore, do check out our article on top 10 best spinning reel of 2022. Additionally, you can also get a detailed guide on how to use a spinning reel if you are a beginner so that you can have a great fishing trip.

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