How to select best spinning reel

How to Choose a Spinning Reel? – Select The Best One

Have you decided to purchase a spinning reel? Great! But do you have any strategy on how to choose a spinning reel? We can feel you are a new angler and searching for the same query. 

Generally speaking,

The spinning reel is the love of anglers. The key reason is that this kind of reel is easy to use and has a simple construction. You may purchase it for the first time or the old reel may have worn out. 

So, in this article, we will explain a brief guideline on how to choose a best spinning reel

Let’s get started!

How to select the best spinning reel

How to Choose a Spinning Reel

To become a master in the selection of spinning reels, you need to focus on some features. In addition, you must know which selection is good enough to furnish your fishing needs. These features are;

  • Smooth and adjustable drag

The drag system is here as it incorporates pressure over the fish. As a result, the angler can give out lines according to requirements. The quality of the spinning reel depends on the drag system. As a result, a good spinning reel always has an excellent drag. 

We know, you are wondering why is it here.

In fact, the drag system ensures lines come out smoothly and seamlessly while maintaining zero jerks. On the other hand, a bad drag distorts the smooth lining of the reel. 

As experts, we suggest you go for front drag as its location is ideal enough to deal with the catch too easily. 

  • Anti-reverse handles

To choose a spinning reel, the best practice is to go for a type that lacks backward motion. On the other hand, if the handle has even a small capacity to move back, the result might be zero. This is because the hook is not set for a successful catch. 

Therefore, you will do nothing to stop the reel. 

How would you check this feature?

Obviously, we have felt your confusion. To check it, orient the handle in the forward direction and try to reverse it. Does it move back? 

Okay! You need to find another reel. 

  • Gear ratio

The selection of gear ratio varies according to the type of fish in question. Do you have the concept of gear ratio? Well, during a single rotation of the handle, the time bail moves around the spool is the gear ratio. 

As a result, the 4:1 gear ratio means the bail moves four times around the spool during one rotation of the handle. 

Got it?

Keep in mind, for a fast retrieving lure, go for a higher gear ratio. The gear ratio of 4:1 is slow while 6:1 is fast. In addition, the 5:1 gear ratio is good to go as a moderate selection. 

  • Ball bearings

Greater ball bearing brings seamless retrieve in the spinning reel. Yet you must go for what is affordable for you. For an idea, we recommend you go for number 5. Obviously, it provides the necessary smoothness within your price range.

  •  Size

Picking the accurate reel size is not rocket science. Simply, compare the reel size with the line. As a result, for a lighter line, the best choice is a smaller reel. 

The line with a 10 pound test offers greater strength. For walleye and small bass, the 8 pound test line will be the line strength. So, 6, 8, and 10 pounds would be the best selection.

Note that- this information is printed on the spool of the reel for a quick approach. 

Final words

At the end of this discussion, we are sure you know how to choose a spinning reel. At the start, you may find it difficult. But once you consider the above mentioned features, the zone of selection becomes narrow. 

Consequently, you chose a spinning reel very easily. 

Have to give it a try?

During fishing, an angler has just one friend, the reel. It decides whether you will end the fishing with a full basket or an empty one. So, select the spinning reel after consulting this guide thoroughly. 

Have a happy and convenient fishing experience!

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