How to Repair Anti Reverse on Spinning Reel

How to Fix Anti Reverse on Spinning Reel? Easy Method

As a new angler, you prefer to use a spinning reel. Right? But have you ever thought about how to fix anti reverse on spinning reel? Obviously, you are searching for the same query. 

Don’t panic!

You are not the only one who lacks this understanding. A lot of people hit the search engine with the same question every day. As a result, we have decided to dig out its answer with all the understanding that a new angler needs to know. 

Are you happy with our decision?

Okay! Let us find out what anti reverse is and how to fix it for smooth fishing. 

How to Repair Anti Reverse on Spinning Reel

How to Fix Anti Reverse on a Spinning Reel

How would you feel if we first explore anti reverse before landing directly at its fixing? We think that would be a good start. Thanks for agreeing with our point. 

All right! 

Consult the next section to find out what anti reverse is to ensure a better understanding of its fixing. 

What is the Anti Reverse?

Anti-reverse is a type of switch that is integrated at the bottom of a spinning reel. It is here to restrict the reverse direction of tackle. In addition, you can detach it which allows turning in both orientations. 

We know, you are thinking why is it here? 

Well, it’s housed at the bottom to monitor the supply of tension onto the line. The advantage of this tension is to tackle frightening fish too easily. In addition, you enjoy control and don’t allow it to break. 

From river fishing to the blue sea, you need to alter the tension as it is based on the type of fish. Consequently, the type of target fish is important to consider for a new angler. 


As you turn this button on, you depend on the reel to offer you tension that is enough to tackle a fish. But as a professional, I never consider it the best way to handle large fish due to fixed tension. 

Always remember,

Don’t use an anti reverse switch when you aim to get a fish larger than a bass. For lighter fish, an anti-reverse switch is best. On the other hand, for a large fish just go for drag. Another important point to remember is the tackle that should be attached to the side of the less dominant hand. 

In addition, right handed anglers must go for the left handed tackle. 

Are you interested in knowing the logic behind it?

Actually, your dominant hand has to handle and hold the rod. While the opposite has to manage the reel, tackle the switch, and perform as the bail arm. You know, these require less work. 

Simply, keep the anti-reverse switch open unless you need drag for a large target. 

On the other hand,

The reel will continue in the wrong direction, tangling, and ultimately losing the fish.  

We expect that you understand the anti-reverse clearly. Now, it’s time to explore how to fix it.

How to Repair anti reverse on spinning reel?

In the previous section, we have given a touch of it. But, this part will tell you everything in a deeper scenario. First of all, you must know that the location of the switch on the reel is too ideal to use it at the same instant you need it.

Moreover, the best practice is to let the switch open all the time and you can flip it when the reel spins. 

Simply, detach the anti reverse switch when you feel increased tension on the reel. It is a clear indication that the fish has large size. 

Getting more involved;

After disengaging, you can reel it in followed by back reeling. This strategy will give the fish some space as it fights. Once you feel the fish is calm, you can switch it back. 

Supplying non-stop tension on the line is compulsory. The reason is, the chances of slipping out of the hook from his mouth increase as it slackens. As a result, the fish can make its way out of your approach and ruin the day of fishing. 

In short,

You need to take steps that make fish closer to you and ultimately offer a successful catch. 


Have you read the full article? That’s great! Now, you know how to fix the anti reverse on spinning reel and go for a good amount of fish for dinner. 

In fact, spinning reels are good for beginners as they offer to reel and back reeling through the anti reverse switch. No doubt, this is the key reason that left you with enough fish at the end of the day. 

Furthermore, you can control the tension and feeling if encounter a large fish. 

Wait, we want to tell you a fact.

Becoming an expert in hitting the switch and required line tension needs practice. It is not a game of one or two days. So, just go for practice and you will be able to make your basket full each day.  

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