How to hold Spinning Reel with rod

How to Hold Spinning Reel? – Easy Step by Step Guide

Are you going fishing the next day? Great! Your plan is exciting for sure. But the question is do you have an idea about how to hold spinning reel? Almost all the new anglers suffer from the same problem. 


For a successful catch, you should hold the reel accurately. Alternatively, you will suffer from fatigue or pain in your hand. So, it’s time to maximize your fishing experience.

As a result, this article aims to uncover the secrets that are necessary for a wonderful catch. 


It’s time to find out what we have brought for you. Simply, jump to the next section and enjoy a successful catch. 

How to Hold a Spinning Reel

Mostly, old users of spinning reels neglect their accurate holding and the result is fatigue and an unpleasant experience. We can feel your problem is the same.

Don’t worry!

We are here with an easy solution. Anglers use multiple techniques to hold the reel. But, we will tell you the method that is most common and easy to adopt.

Are you ready to find out how to hold spinning reel? 


Use your right hand to handle the reel orientation and the rod.

Place two of your fingers at the front base of the reel and two at the back. In addition, the position of the thumb should be on the rod. 

Keep in mind, the index finger has to manage the line.

Furthermore, the angler can place three fingers on the front zone of the reel foot. While one finger will be enough for the back.  

Note that- check each style three times and decide which pattern suits you best. 

How to Attach a Spinning Reel and the Rod?

At the rear side of the reel, a button houses to switch modes between 1 and 2. This switch is here to go for one way spin and 2 way spin. 

In addition,  “reel handle tightener lossner” is here to support the anglers. Actually, it is the written explanation opposite to the handle. Now, orient the handle right or left depending on the hand that looks dominant.

Hurry! It’s time to attach the reel and rod.

Simply, warp the rod handle in a coil form. Now, locate a pair of small slots that are here to get insertion of the reel foot. You need to continue this step very carefully. 

Keep in mind, 

Tighten it during screwing, if it gets loose the reel will fall out leading to an unsuccessful catch. Obviously, your fishing day will be destroyed. 

Wrapping words

After reading this article, you must have an idea of how to hold a spinning reel. Isn’t it? Well! Getting master in reel holding is not the story of one or two attempts. 

Of course, you must have to go practice again and again. 

In addition, 

Whatever the type of reel is; it demands correct handling for a successful catch. So, here is the solution for new anglers who aim to master fishing. 

How many fish you have caught to make your basket full today? Have you seen improvement in fishing after following this guide? 

Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section.

Have a great fishing day!

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