how to string a spinning reel

How to line a Fishing Pole with a Spinning Reel? Detailed Guide

Suppose you are fishing on a beautiful day but lack proper handling of equipment. Do you think a successful catch in that situation? Of course not. Actually, a reel is a key piece of equipment for every angler. And he must know how to line a fishing pole with a spinning reel.

We can feel you agree with our point.

Regardless of your experience level, every successful catch demands a perfect equipment setting. Obviously, once you have basic skills, fishing will not be a problem for you. 

As a result, you would not be bored and enjoy it as a hobby. 

Don’t worry, we are here to support you. 

To ease your fishing experience, we have brought to you basic guidelines on 

how to string your fishing pole. Simply, jump to the next section and explore what we have brought for you.

How to line a Fishing Pole with a Spinning Reel?

First of all, you must know the list of equipment for perfect handling of the reel. The backbone of fishing equipments includes; 

Fishing reel

  • Fishing reel
  • Fishing rod
  • Fishing line

Let us have a quick look at what these fishing parts are. 

  • Fishing reel

Apart from spinning reels, the market is full of other reel types too. The main purpose of this reel is to angle the line while rotating. The angling and release speed of the line depends upon the type of reel in question. 

  • Fishing rod

The fishing rod is a pole to which the hook and fishing line gets attached. In most cases, its composition is carbon fiber or fiberglass. In fact, the selection of a rod depends on the type of fish you aim to catch. 

  • Fishing line

Fishing lines are of three types that include; monofilament, braided, and fluorocarbon line. Its selection depends on the type of fish you aim to pick. 

How to string your fishing pole?

Have you collected all the necessary equipment? Well done! Now, it’s time to arrange them to shape good fishing gear. 

Let’s discuss it briefly.

Arrange the spinning reel and rod

  • In the very first step, you must know all the parts and their function. Therefore, you will arrange them easily and accurately. 
  • Get a soft cloth and clean all the parts to wipe out dust particles and avoid scratches. Yeah! You can now place them side by side.
  • Some rods come with joints or ferrules. These joints are detachable. So, pick one ferrule, set it at 45 degrees, and attach it with another ferrule. Twist these two ferrules together, until a loop is arranged.
  • Now, you can attach a spinning reel and rod together. For this purpose, locate the rod button and check the reel seat. Wait! Make sure you have not tightened the reel to avoid rod destruction. 

Threading fishing pole

  • First of all, raise the silver ring on the reel, the bale arm. Now, get ready to rotate it to the other side. Is the bake arm open? No worries! Simply go for loading the fishing line. 
  • Load the free end of the line with the arbor knot. Keep in mind, the knot should be loose. 
  • In the very next step, locate the edge of the thread and pull it into the loop that is nearest to the hook eye. Now, you can pull it into the larger loop. 
  • Flip the bale arm in the opposite direction to close it. To ensure accurate closing, pull the line and check for the release of the fishing line. Does the fish line not come out? Great! You have closed it properly. 

Connect the hook with the lure

  • Before connecting the hook with the lure, the key task is the lure selection. Based on weather conditions, you can go for various lure types. For the bright day, the silver lure is good to go. On the other hand, golden lure stays fit in gloomy weather. In addition, spinners are best for the all-purpose lure. 
  • As the next step, you can pass the line through the hook eye. Don’t forget to wrap the tag end for at least five folds to ensure security.
  • It’s time to tuck the tag edge. For this purpose, pick the tag edge and pass it through the lure. Loop it followed by tucking. Therefore, it would make its place below the line. 
  • As the very last step, pull the mainline and tag end to ensure a strong knot at the lure. 

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Final Verdict

Have you done all the steps successfully? Congratulations! Now, you know how to line a fishing pole with a spinning reel.

Are we right?

Well, the entire procedure may seem difficult or complex at the start. But, when you go for practice no one can stop you to become an experienced angler. 

Keep in mind, to become a master in fishing, you must have patience. 

In short,

Line a fishing pole is not a difficult task. With the steps discussed above, you can enjoy an accurate lining of the fishing pool.

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