How To Lubricate Your Spinning Reel

How to Oil your Spinning Reel? A Step By Step Guide

Do you love a spinning reel that runs smoothly? Of course, yes. But the fact is the performance may be disturbed if the reel is not clean properly. At this point, you need to learn, how to oil your spinning reel.

Oiling the spinning reel not only lets it run smoothly but also takes part in protection.

I think,

Everyone wants proper functioning of the reel for a long. But unfortunately, the reel gets dirty with time and demands proper maintenance.

At the start, the process may seem difficult and messy. Alternatively, an expert does not find it complicated. Actually, the optimum performance of the reel relies on the peak of cleaning.

That is the reason…

This article is based on how to oil your spinning reel with basic guidelines. The oiling procedure is simple enough that a newbie can find it simple.

It’s time to explore the proper steps to oil your spinning reel. Just get ready and stay with me.

How to oil your spinning reel?

The market is full of kits designed specifically for reel cleaning and maintenance. Grabbing one kit may be enough. Do you think it costs high? No issue! Just find the following items and make your reel clean and smooth.

  • Oil for reel
  • Cleaning solvent for reel
  • A microfiber cloth
  • Paper towel
  • Cotton swabs
  • A bristle brush
  • Spinning reel

Have you arranged all the mentioned items? Well done! You are ready to oil your spinning reel. Now, understand the step by step guidelines for oiling the reel. Let us jump to the very first step.

1-     Ready your workspace

Find a smooth surface that can offer a good amount of light. Place a clean cloth on the surface and settle on it to start your work.

2-     Oil your bail

Open the bail, locate the connections point and add cleaning solvent to it. In addition, you are needed to apply cleaning solvent to the line roller.

Have you done it?

Well, use the bristle brush and scrub it lightly and properly. Don’t hurry. The very next step is to wipe it until dry. It’s time to add special reel oil to it. So, apply it to connection points and that’s all. Don’t forget to open and close the bail repeatedly to ensure proper oiling.

3-     Oil your spool

Oiling, followed by cleaning of the spool is the very next step of the entire procedure. To start step 3, unbolt the drag latch and detach it. Now, remove the spool out from the reel.

It’s time to clean the spool from the inside out with the help of a cleaning solvent. Don’t forget to expose parts left behind. Furthermore, clean additional oil, litter, and dirt.

Have you noticed smut in crevices?

No problem. You can get the service of cotton swabs to remove grime. Clap for yourself. You have cleaned the spool successfully. The main shaft and gears are ready to welcome reel oil. Have you reedified everything?

Great! Replace spool and drag knob in reel body before jumping to step 4.

4-     Oil the bearings

Oiling the bearings starts with detaching the screw cap. Now, withdraw the handle after unclipping. I hear the bearing is full of dirt and lubricant. Don’t worry! The cotton swab is here to fix it. After cleaning the ball bearing with a cotton swab, the next step is oiling.

Add one drop of reel oil to the bearings and joints of the handle. You have done. Now, it’s time to fix the screw cap and handle in place.

5-     Oil the reel body

As the last step, clean the whole reel with oil. This strategy builds a protective layer and nullifies the effect of water on the reel body during fishing. Is it not impressive?

Dont’s of spinning reel oiling

Some points are needed to avoid while oiling a spinning reel. The point is what those steps are and why should we avoid them.

Good question!

Don’t apply soap or degreasers as these have chemicals that stick on the internal reel in the form of residues. The result of these detergents may be damaging to the reel body. At this point, I suggest using reel oil made especially for it.

Got it?

Alternatively, you can prefer a reel maintaining kit that is available in the market.

Final Verdict

Learning about how to oil your spinning reel is as necessary as your craze for fishing. A reel demands good care to offer you an amazing and smooth performance. The oiling of the reel needs cleaning at each step. As a result, smut and debris would not disturb its performance.

I hear you have followed all the steps while reading this article. Wow! Your reel is well-cleaned and well-oiled.

Now, you need to load the line, adjust the drag, make it ready for casting and enjoy smooth fishing.

You look excited!

For the next time, you will be able to oil your spinning reel yourself. You do not need to take it to a shop and waste time and money. Get an oiling kit once and use it multiple times.

As a beginner, the cleaning and oiling of the spinning reel may take time. But once you get an expert, all the steps would be at your fingertips.

What is the peak performance of your spinning reel? Is it running smoothly? How many fish you have caught today? Please, don’t forget to share your experience with me. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Good luck and have a nice fishing experience!

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