how to put fishing line on a reel by yourself

How To Put Line On A Spinning Reel? Tips to Help Beginners!

Mastering putting a line on a spinning reel is too compulsory as it decides the peak of enjoyment during fishing. Isn’t it? No one wants to end up with a mess. I agree that a spinning reel is easy to use. But you should know how to put the line on a spinning reel.

At this stage of the discussion, the point is to introduce all the basic steps for the accurate lining of the spinning reel. Do you know? Based on lines, spinning reels are of different types.

For float fishing, my recommendation is to use the lighter reel. As far as thicker line is concerned; it is used for the larger reel.

Got it?

That’s very good. But stop. You need to be a bit conscious here. Keep an eye on line so it should not get twisted. Another point to focus on is the spool. Always make sure that it is filled properly. That’s all.

I am going to tell you to step by step guidelines on how to put a line on a spinning reel. Are you ready? Very good. Let us begin.

How To Put Line On A Spinning Reel?

Lining on a spinning reel is not a difficult task. Some basic steps will make you enjoy a good fishing experience. Now, jump to the very first step for the perfect lining.

1- Check reel turning Direction

Hold the reel in your hand just like you practice during fishing. Turn the wheel again and again until you find the direction of the reel. Congratulations! Now, you know the accurate way in which you should spool the line.

Everyone wants massless casting. Yes, you do agree. The solution is to spool the line accurately and the chances of striping off will be reduced. In addition, mounting the spinning reel on the bottom face makes it different from other reels on the market.

2- Open the bail

Locate the small handle and retract it to open the bail. Keep in mind that turning it down will close the bail. If needed, you should clean the remains of the old line. 

3- String the line

In this step, the point is to string the line and secure it to the spool. Stop! Don’t forget to leave an ample length of the line after the node.

4-  Close the bail

Locate a balanced and straight surface and put a spool over it. Have you put the label on the upper face? That’s good. The line comes off the spool just like the spool passes the reel. You need to bypass tangling by accurately turning off the spool.

5-  Crank the reel

For cranking the reel, clasp the line at 30 cm height and pull it. Allow the line to pass through your hand followed by cranking of the reel. Have you noticed some knots and twists? No problem.

Just remove some lines and align again after fixing. But you need to avoid tangling of line again. Therefore, add some pressure while loading and don’t allow it to be loose.

6- Load the line

Double check for the absence of tangles in the line. I know, this step can make you tired. But check it critically to avoid this practice again and again. Don’t be in hurry. So, some twists may pass unchecked.

7- Fill the spool

Fill the spool in its specified range. Keep in mind, that tangles appear when you fill the spool too high or less. For the spinning reel, you can fill it 0.3 cm from the rim.

8- Cut and tape the line

The free end makes the line unwind. Therefore, I suggest fixing it with tape after cutting and saying goodbye to the problem of casting.

9- Secure the line

Securing the line is as compulsory as the above mentioned steps. So, don’t forget to tie a rubber band or lure for its accurate fixing.

Congratulations! Clap for yourself. You have successfully put a line on a spinning reel. Now, you are ready to cast with your new reel. Well done!

Final words

You know how to put a line on a spinning reel. In the very first go, you consider it difficult. Right? But trust me, it’s too easy. Proper lining never lets you back home empty handed. Therefore, every angler; new and old, put a full focus to learn the accurate lining of a fishing reel.

At the start, you have to spend a good time over it. Once get an expert, you will encounter zero problems. Just practice for it.  Are you excited to get a bag full of fish?

That’s impressive!

I think fish is your next meal. Wow! Your time is going to be very special. Don’t forget to guide others and drop your experience in the comments.

Good luck!

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