How to Spool Monofilament on a Spinning Reel

How to Put Monofilament Line on a Spinning Reel? Easy Steps

Putting a fishing line on the reel is not a secret. Yet, you must follow all the basic steps and know the expected difficulties. Obviously, there is a core need to learn how to put a monofilament line on a spinning reel

Honestly speaking,

Fishing is love only when you know proper handling. Otherwise, the situation may be impossible to tackle. Are we right? Well, putting a monofilament fishing line is the basic skill on which every angler should have a strong grip. 

How to Spool Monofilament on a Spinning Reel

We know, you are thinking how would you master it? 

Your point is logical, of course. 

So, to ease your learning pathway, we have declared some short steps as the quick fix to learning by putting lines on the reel. 

Just get ready and move on to the next part. 

How to Put monofilament line on a spinning reel

Before going for lining the reel, you must know what you need for smooth handling. So, arrange the following parts and ensure perfect lining.

  • Spinning reel
  • Thick and soft cloth
  • A pair of scissors
  • A screwdriver
  • Electrical tape
  • Rod
  • Spool

Do you have all these items on your list? All done! Now, you are ready for lining the reel. 


Generally, an angler has a friend to aid in lining the reel. Yeah, we have seen it repeatedly. But the good news is, we have discussed those steps that are easy to carry out without someone’s help.  

Do you like it?

Let us not wait and wipe your curiosity out. Are you ready? Okay! Have a kickstart with the setting. 

1- Setting up

Start with assembling the rod, make sure that the eyes should be parallel. Now, grab the spinning reel and tug it on the seat of the reel. In addition, make it tight to ensure reel security. 


Don’t forget to peer the reel and monofilament line direction. 

2- Fix the monofilament line

Grab the line and extract it from the spool. Keep in mind, you must detach a 15 feet line from the spool to bypass twists and tangles. 

In addition, don’t forget to use mono followed by attachment with the braid. 

3- Thread the line

After getting the line, the very next step is to thread it through the eyes of the rod. Note that- you must start threading from the top and move to the reel end. 

4- Uncover the bail

Opening the bail is a critical step that multiple anglers forget to follow. So, take a good focus on opening the bail arm and keep it open until you have tied the knot to the spool. 

5- Attach the line with the spool

There is no rocket science in attaching the line to the spool. So, get ready to wrap the line to the spool two times and end up with a knot to ensure security. Have you done it? 


Now, trim the free end. We can feel your line has been worn out. Don’t worry! Simply, go for restringing while leaving some old line as backing. Wait! Don’t forget to attach the old and new lines via Uni knot. 

6- Wrap line over reel

Grip the screwdriver and spool in your one hand. Arrange a thick cloth and hold the opposite side of the spool with it. Now, let the reel wind tightly after applying pressure. The cloth will get hot while wrapping. So, go for a simple formula that we use, “PAUSE AND PROCEED”

7- Wind line onto the reel

Now, turn the handle gradually and roll over the bail to close it. During the cranking process, the bail should put the line onto the reel uniformly. In addition, stop for a while and verify the accurate direction of the line spool. 

8- Keep in check spool orientation

Line spools can go for three different orientations. One is on the right while the two are in the line twist direction. To decide between clockwise and counterclockwise directions, hold the rod while it is parallel to the ground. Now, position the line spool in front of you. 

After 10 cranks, the best practice is to check the line should next to the spool. Keep in check the relax coil, if absent, repeat the process. We can feel you have noticed the relaxed loop. 


It’s time to go for the next step, crank and fill the spool. 

9- Continue cranking and fill the spool

As the last step, grasp the rod parallel while the spool would face the ground. As a next trick, place it between the trick and start cranking. Continue, until you notice the monofilament line 3/16 and 1/8 of an inch should come out of the reel. Have you done it? Great! It’s time to clip the line and thread it for a lure. 

Final Verdict

The search engine is loaded with multiple queries about how to put a monofilament line on a spinning reel. Isn’t it? 

Of course, yes!

Once you have successfully practiced the above steps, we congrats you that putting the line on the reel is not rocket science for you. Simply go for proper practice and enjoy fishing every day.

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