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How to Set the Drag on a Spinning Reel? Step By Step Guide

Catching a fish is not difficult when you know how to set the drag on a spinning reel. I always prepare a spinning reel and myself before fishing. Are you curious to know why?

Listen carefully.

A fisherman has to fight with fish while casting. In my opinion, the best practice is to adjust all features. Adjusting the drag or line during fishing may leave you empty handed. A fish can pull the line hard. At this point, drag plays its role to bypass the chances of the line breaking.

That’s all.

Drag in spinning real and its importance

Keep in mind, that a spinning reel houses a couple of plates that are responsible to produce drag. In other words, drag decides the number of lines to get out during fishing.

Do you understand?

Estimate the fishing situation and manage the drag parallel to it. I know, you are wondering about the outcomes that arise when you fail to match drag with fish. The result is simple. Get ready to face a very fast speed of line to come out of the reel or it would be too slow to allow casting.

Consequently, the line may break, or the hook may be disturbed. In addition, the type of line and rod also influence the drag.

All in all, accurate adjustment of drag is the key action for worry-free casting.

In this article, I am going to tell you how to set the drag on a spinning reel. Are you ready to explore this amazing strategy?


Let me begin and dig out it from A to Z.

How to set the Drag on a Spinning Reel?

In this section, I am going to tell you the drag setting with and without the scale. Let me explore a method with the scale first. After that, I will jump you to a strategy that you can adopt in the absence of scale.

Are you excited to learn it? Let me start right now.

1- Set the drag on a spinning reel with a scale

As a very first step, arrange a spring scale and fix your mainline to it. Now, you are required to pull it to estimate the power needed to win the drag.

Now, regulate the drag until it is set between 20% and 30% of the breaking strength of the line.

All done!

Note: Always set the drag between 20% and 30% of the breaking strength of the line. Are you using a 10 lb. line? Make the drag fall between 2 and 3 lbs.

2- Set the drag on a spinning reel without scale

Are you using 10 lb like me? Well, pulling on the line, you have to note the line passing into your hand. Have you done it? Great!

Your hand will not get a dent, in case the line is very light. In the opposite case, the line may get hard or tight enough to harm your hand. Are you using varied strength of line?

No problem!

Just adjust the drag with scale precisely. After successful adjustment of drag, have a fine notice on the behavior of the line in your hand. I hear you have done it.

Tell me the pressure you noticed to engage the drag.

In the absence of scale, remember the pressure and get support to adjust the line precisely. Cheers! You have set the drag pretty accurately without the drag.

Final Words

Finally, you know how to set the drag on a spinning reel. Adjustment of drag is compulsory for successful and mess free catch. In this article, I have explored two methods to adjust the drag. Therefore, this topic would be helpful for all types of audiences.

At the start, it may take time to adjust drag accurately. But once you get expert, it would be a great hit. For the next time, you will not miss a fish for sure.


What you have to do is practice, practice, and practice. Have you found another method to set the drag on the spinning reel? That’s awesome! I am excited to hear from you. So, don’t forget to share it in the comments section.

Kindly, let me know; if this article helpful to you? Your feedback means a lot to me.

Good luck and have a nicer fishing experience ever!

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