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How to Set up a Spinning Reel – A Step By Step Guide for Beginners

Setting up a spinning reel is the first thing to do while going fishing. Moreover, it also affects your fishing skills. It might be a tricky task for new anglers but trust us, it’s a straightforward task. Here we guide you on how to set up a spinning reel so that you can have an in-depth knowledge on how to use a spinning reel.

Spinning reels are of great use, they are strong, smooth and long lasting. However, you will require some practice and you can master the game of fishing easily. However, there is a lot more to learn. Once you have set up a spinning reel, you will have to spool it.

How to Set up a Spinning Reel

Now, let’s move towards the major topic of this article which is to set up a spinning reel. 

1. Clean the fishing rod

After unboxing your brand new fishing rod, clean it using a dry clean cloth so there are no dust particles left on it. Moreover, clean the exterior of the spinning reel too. Otherwise they can affect the way your spinning reel fits on the fishing rod. You can also check out our article on how to clean a spinning reel. 

2. Attach the reel to the rod

Many fishing rods need to be assembled as they come in small sections. So, assemble it using your fishing rods user manual. Now, there will be a reel seat at the bottom of your rod. You will have to loosen it by rotating it and make it big enough to accommodate the reel’s foot. Once you place the reel in the right place, tighten the reel seat again until it fits well. 

3. Spool the line on the spinning reel

Take your preferred fishing line and pass it through the rings on the fishing rod known as guides then open the bail and tie a slip knot using the line to the spool of the reel. Moreover, make sure the knot is tight enough to be still at its place. Also, do not forget to read the line capacity on the reel. Now, close the bail and hold the line while applying some pressure to it with a pinch and start rotating the handle of the reel. Additionally, the line should not get twisted while spooling therefore, make sure the line comes out from the same direction from the line spool as it spools on the reel. spool it until the line is 0.3 cm away from the reel. Check out our detailed guide on how to spool a spinning reel for more information. 

4. Attach the bait or lure 

Now, cut the remaining line with a line cutter such that there is 15-30 cm line left from the tip of your fishing rod. Take a lure and attach it to the end of the fishing line with an Albright knot. Moreover, make sure the knot is tight enough or the fish would pull it out. There are many types of knots, you can check out YouTube tutorials for more information.

5. Adjust the drag knob 

The drag is used so that the line doesn’t break when a fish fights too hard. You have to rotate the drag knob clockwise for tightening and counter clockwise for loosening. With experience you will get to know how to adjust the drag knob. You can ask for someone’s help as the drag adjustment depends on the fish you have caught. 

That’s how you set up a reel, now your reel is all set for fishing. However, you should have some information about casting. Therefore, check out our article on how to cast a spinning reel and overall how to use a spinning reel for a detailed guide. 


What happens if you put too heavy fishing line on a reel?

Heavy fishing lines do not perform well on a spinning reel because of their diameter. Moreover, a heavy line will create problems during casting the line. 

How strong should my fishing line be?

A 8-10 pound test is the limit for any spinning reel more than that the reel won’t perform well. 

Is braid better than mono?

Can’t say because both of them have their own pros and cons. Monofilament lines cost less and work perfectly for smaller targets. On the other hand braided lines are less stretchable and have smaller diameter. 

Do you need a leader with a braided line?

Yes, you will require a mono leader most of the time because the braided line is mostly visible in clear water so the fish don’t come closer to it. However, if the water is not clear enough, you won’t require a leader.


Setting up a spinning reel on the fishing rod is easy once you get familiar with it. As a beginner you should also know how to cast a spinning reel and how to clean a spinning reel which are as important as setting it. Moreover, the spinning reel which you use will also affect your overall performance therefore, it should have a great quality, smoothness and life. If you are still in search of the perfect spinning reel for you, check out our article on the top 10 best spinning reels of 2022 immediately. 

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