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How to Spool a Spinning reel – 7 Tips For Beginners

How to Spool a Spinning Reel? A good spooling is the most important thing required for a better fishing experience. Spooling is the first thing to do before going out for a reeling trip. Many beginners do it the wrong way and the line gets cut, tangled or some mishaps take place. However, we are here to help you out for your first reeling.

In this article we have given a detailed guide on how to spool a spinning reel so that you can do it on your own without anyone’s help. Moreover you can enjoy your first reeling experience without any hassle. If you want a detailed guide for using a spinning reel, check out our article on how to use a spinning reel. 

How to Spool a Spinning Reel

Now let’s move towards the main part of this topic which is how you can easily spool a spinning reel with no hassle.

You will require these items- spinning reel, preferred fishing line, fishing rod and line cutter

1. Decide which line to use 

Your targeted species decide the fishing line as some of them float on water and some of them sink. Moreover, their strength is also equally important. Mainly, there 3 fishing lines namely: monofilament line, braided line and fluorocarbon line. Their detailed information is given below. You can choose any of these fishing lines as per your preference. 

Monofilament line 

Monofilament line is a single stranded line which has a good tensile strength. Moreover, they are cheaper than braided lines. They are available in different colours which you can choose depending on the water body. 

Braided line

The braided fishing lines are used for deep sea fishing and are stronger than monofilament lines. Moreover, they have a smaller diameter and cover a large casting distance as compared to other fishing lines.

Fluorocarbon line 

Fluorocarbon fishing line has lesser stretch as compared to monofilament. However, it is much faster and less visible. It is used in bass fishing with jerkbaits and swimbaits.

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2. Check the rotation of your reel

This step is the most important as you have to place the line spool the way your reel’s spool rotates. Therefore, check out if your reel rotates clockwise or counter clockwise. Moreover, keep the line spool in the similar manner so that the line comes off in the same direction as the reel rotates. 

3. Check the line capacity 

After choosing the best fishing line for your spinning reel check out for the line capacity of your spinning reel. The capacity will be specified on the reel’s body. Make sure that you never overfill or underfill the spool. Otherwise it would be a problem to handle it and the line might get tangled.

4. Put the line through the guides 

The small equidistant rings on the fishing rod are known as the guides. Keep the line spool on an even surface and Take the line through these guides slowly. Additionally, make sure the line doesn’t get tangled while following this step. 

5. Tie the line to the spool

Once you have passed the line through the guides now it is time to tie the line to the reel’s spool. Open the bail and tie the line to the spool using a slip knot. Moreover, make sure the knot is tight enough to be still at its place. You can check many online video tutorials to learn how to tie a slip knot if you don’t know. 

6. Spool the line

Now that you have tied the line to the spool, close the bail and hold the line with your hand and pinch it by applying slight pressure so that it remains straight through the spooling process. Subsequently, Rotate the handle and you can see the line getting spooled on the reel’s spool. However, stop for a while to see if the line gets twisted. If not, spool it until the line is 0.3 cm away from the reel. 

7. Cut the line

Use a line cutter for cutting the remaining line from the spool, once you have completed your spooling process. However, you can use a cutter or a scissor to cut the line. Moreover, use a rubber band or a tape to secure the open ends of the reel’s spool and the other spools. 


Do you need to soak the fishing line before spooling?

Yes, if you wish to do so, you can go ahead because many people soak their monofilament line in warm water for some time before spooling. It is done for reducing the line memory. 

How often should you change the fishing line?

It is recommended to change the fishing line once or twice a year. However, you can use it for more time if it is in good condition.

Does a braided line twist on a spinning line?

Yes, it does twist but the braided line has no effect of twisting as there is no line memory. However, the mono ones get affected due to twisting.

Is braid better than mono?

Can’t say because both of them have their own pros and cons. Monofilament lines cost less and work perfectly for smaller targets. On the other hand braided lines are less stretchable and have smaller diameter. 


Spooling is an easy process and an important one too. Once you master it, you will be all set to get the best reeling experience of your life. However, make sure you have the right spinning reel for your fishing adventure. As your performance not only depends on your skills but also the equipment you are using. You can check out our article on top 10 best spinning reels of 2022 which also includes a buying guide for spinning reels. For a beginner it is also important to know how to clean the spinning reel, therefore, check out our article on how to clean a spinning reel after a great fishing trip. 

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