How to Disassemble a Spinning Reel

How to Take Apart a Spinning Reel? Best Guide Ever for Beginners

Today, the market is full of multiple types of fishing reels. Mostly, anglers prefer spinning reels due to their simple usage. But, regardless of simplicity, you must know about its basic adjustment.  Do you agree? Yeah! We have seen you are searching through search engines to find out how to take apart a spinning reel


You need to stay on this page as we have a line out the answer to your question. Suppose, you pick the Best spinning reel and notice it needs maintenance or replacement of the line. What would you do to make a basket full of fish for lunch? 

Of course, you would disassemble the spinning reel for this activity. 

Have you knowledge about it? 

No worries! We have solved your problem with the collection of a few words. Let’s find out how to take apart the spinning reel. 

How to Disassemble a Spinning Reel

Are you ready?

Great! Jump to the next part. 

How To Take Apart A Spinning Reel?

You need to arrange a screwdriver and follow a few simple steps to disassemble the spinning reel. 

Step 1- Remove the spool

As the very first go, you need to unscrew the drag cap. Obviously, it will allow the line spool to be taken off. Have you done it? Okay. Remove the spool now. 

Step 2- Remove the handle

After the successful completion of the first step, the next step is to disassemble the handle. 

Don’t overthink. 

The removal of the handle is too easy. Simply, rotate it in the opposite orientation of the rotation. Have you a switch for free spooling? Okay! Keep it off. 

Step 3- Remove screws

In the very next go, remove the screws one by one. The screws maybe 3 or 4. After removing the screws, save them in a secure place. 

Step 4- Remove screws on the shaft

Have you completed step 3? Okay. Now, you can see the multiple screws on the shaft. In fact, these screws are here to develop a connection with the spool. 

Simply, remove them all one by one. 

Step 5- Remove the shaft and spool

After removing the connecting screws, dispatch the shaft and spool one by one. It will lead you to the next step. 

Step 6- Dispatch innards

It’s time to remove the innards of the body while focusing on what went where. 

Step 7- Clean, reliable, and grease

Examine each part, clean it with a soft cloth and make it greasy for smooth functioning. This strategy will allow all the parts to move securely with zero friction.   


All done. You can, now, reassemble all the parts. 


While taking apart the spinning reel, you must follow some precautionary measures to bypass any loss. 

Are you interested in knowing those precautions? 

Consult the below points.

  • You should remove the parts slowly to avoid damage 
  • While disassembling, place all parts in an order to to get assistance during reassembling.
  • Place all the parts on a soft white towel to avoid losing them.
  • To clean the parts, use a soft cloth
  • Grease all parts properly to avoid friction. 
  • Clean parts properly for smooth functioning. 

Final Verdict

After reading the article on how to take apart a spinning reel, you must understand the importance of spinning reel maintenance. 

Whether you are a new angler or experienced, understanding all fixes is important. At the start, you may find some steps difficult to follow, but practice will make you perfect. 


We hope that you are able to take all parts off without the assistance of another angler. Obviously, it’s a good sign to be independent in fishing. 

Are we saying this correctly? Kindly tell us in the comment section. We are excited to know your reviews about our guide. 

Have a smooth fishing for your bright day lunch!

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