How to Unspool a line

How to Unspool a Spinning Reel? Easy Step By Step Guide

Have you done the fishing? That’s great. We hope you will have a nicer experience. After spooling a fishing reel, the very next step is to learn to unspool it. Wait. Do you know how to unspool a spinning reel?


You sound like a new angler in search of a few steps for unspooling the reel. Are we right? Well! After picking the best spinning reel as per your requirements, the next step is to learn to unspool it.  

Are you ready for this job?

Don’t rush in a hurry. Keep in mind, removing the line from the spool is not a hard task. Alternatively, you need to follow simple steps and the spool gets unloaded. 

Now, get ready to arrange the material and use them according to requirements. 

How to Unspool a Line

How to Unspool a Spinning Reel

Step- 1

Arrange the unspooling material

To remove the line from the spool, the following material is needed;

  • Drill or electric screwdriver
  • A foam block
  • Scissors
  • A knife
  • Screwdriver with small shaft

Step- 2

Arrange a foam despoiling block

A foam block is a perfect choice to remove the old line from the spool. Have you used it ever before? Some anglers use a different strategy based on the reel. 

Of course,

Various tools can perform the same task too easily. But the point is PRACTICE. Always use the material that you are used to. 

Now, make the foam ready to use. How would you do it? Simply, use a sharp knife and cut a notch in the block. Moreover, allow the notch to hold the edge of the line while it moves on the drum bit. 

As the very next step, add pressure to the edge of the foam block with the help of a screwdriver. 

Well done!

You are ready to unspool the spinning reel. Simply, jump to step 3.

Step- 3

Unload the old fishing line

As the very first go, pull the edge of the line you put in the block and drag it into the notch. Wait! Is your screwdriver fit for this practice? Keep in mind, its diameter should be small to the extent to offer free movement of the spool while unloading. 

Is that clear to you?

Great! Hold a spool or screwdriver in one hand and operate an electric drill or screwdriver using a free hand. This practice will load the foam block with an old line while unspooling a spinning reel.  

Have to transfer all the old lines to the block?

Okay. Drag scissors below the fishing line and cut it from the foam. You can store this old line in a bag and give it to sporting goods shops for recycling when needed.    


To have successfully unspooled the fishing line. 

Final Verdict

After reading and practicing the above steps, you have developed a good idea of how to unspool a spinning reel.

In addition, the steps discussed above are too simple and straight to follow. So, a new angler finds it easy to ensure successful and hassle-free unspooling.

But we are excited to hear from you. 

In fact, we want to know how your experience with these steps was. Have you found it simple? 

Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section. 

Have a successful fishing day!

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