can you use braided lines on a spinning reel

Is Braided Line Good For Spinning Reels? Complete Detail

Fishing on a sunny day is absolutely a good idea. You may have perfect weather conditions, the best rod and reel combo, and, of course, good practice. But, the question may hit your mind, is braided line good for spinning reels? 

Are we right?

Yes, the Google search engine hit multiple queries on the same topic. Like, some anglers search, can you use braided lines on a spinning reel? 

Of course, the heart of both questions are the same. 

To be honest, 

Our one word answer is “YES.” In fact, your choice also matters a lot. No doubt, with braided lines, spinning reel problems arise. However, here is a solution to everything. 

Let us dig out the details to make our answer clear. Just stay with us. 

Is Braided Line Good For Spinning Reels?

Anglers must know that spinning reel spools come with an aluminum surface that tends the line to slip. Here, braided lines encounter a slipping problem. Yes, it makes the anglers a bit confused. 

In fact, with this issue the entire spool starts rotating. As a result, it welcomes retrieving problems. Casting big fish especially becomes difficult in this situation. 

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Simply speaking,

You can go for a braided line with a spinning reel. However, try to bypass slippage. You are wondering how to skip slippage? In fact, we use monofilament lines as backing. 

Alternatively, you can go for tape baking on the spool arbor. 

The good news is,

The market is also offering braid ready spinning reel that allows directly attaching the line to the reel spool. No doubt, it does work very well, but in most cases, the braid slippage can’t be avoided. 

Therefore, we suggest you prefer backing for smooth casting.

Keep the Braid Line Spinning on the Reel

The hot strategy to avoid the braided line from slipping on the reel is to use monofilament as backing. Actually, this type of line has nothing to do with slippage. Moreover, it grips the aluminum reel surface. 

So, tie it to the reel with an arbor knot. 

On the other hand,

You can prefer electrical tape to ensure the necessary grip to avoid slippage. Plus, braid ready spinning reel due to its rough surface. 

Usage of backing with braided line

Of course, you can go for monofilament backing as it is the best strategy to go. In fact, monofilament backing provides the necessary grip to avoid slippage during casting. 

Yeah, you can say it does not slip from the surface of the spool. 

Another attractive point,

The mono demands a very low price and is cheaper. Obviously, you are going to save additional pennies on every fishing trip. Moreover, you have to fill the top half of the spool with a costly braid.

Apart from it, the angler has the advantage of mono backing which can be used for many years without replacement. Of course, the backing reel isn’t used during casting. It just provides the necessary support. 

Simply, change after one or two years. That’s all.

Tape Backing for Braided Line

For tape backing, you need to put electrical tape around the spool. Due to the adhesive surface, this tape fixes at the spool and provides a gripping surface for the reel. 

Keep in mind, with this braided strategy, you don’t need any backing. Alternatively, you can directly attach the reel to the spool. However, over the years, the adhesive surface has had the capacity to break down. 

What is the outcome,

As a result of the adhesive breaking, the tape lost its grip over the spool and rotated with the line. At this point, the simple strategy is to change the electrical tale and the spool will be ready for the next go. 

Final Verdict

At the end of the discussion, you must know the answer to the question, is braided line good for a spinning reel? In fact, the braid line does not fit the spinning reel. As a result, we recommend using mono as backing. 


It’s cheaper and provides wonderful backing. Experts know that braids offer multiple advantages. So, we recommend beginners go for good practice and become experts with braided lines.

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