Spinning Reel Maintenance – A Step By Step Guide

Everyone knows the market is full of the spinning reel but have you ever thought about the role of maintenance? Obviously, it has a big contribution in enhancing its life. So, we can say spinning reel maintenance is too necessary.

Experts have a good idea about it. But, new anglers may ignore the cleaning of the spinning reel. 


They don’t know the basic guidelines on how to clean a spinning reel. While the truth is proper maintenance of a spinning reel is compulsory for its smooth functioning. 

Got it? 

Well, we have no time to waste. So, we directly jump to the section on the spinning reel maintenance. 

Spinning Reel Maintenance

Cleaning a spinning reel is not a hard task. The steps are too simple to follow. So, we are going to discuss three different strategies to clean a best spinning reel

Are you ready to know them?

Just move to the next section. 

Method 1

Superficial cleaning

This method of cleaning needs to be repeated after every fishing session. So, never consider the type of fishing area as cleaning needs to be repeated whether it’s saltwater or freshwater.

But, we can’t ignore cleaning after saltwater fishing. Keep in mind, a spinning reel of next level quality may also suffer corrosion.   

Here is some good news for you.

Superficial cleaning of the spinning reel is too easy to do. Furthermore, it removes a major part of the dust from the reel to make it more smooth. 

Follow the below steps and ensure a wonderful cleaning experience.

  • In the very first go, you need to detach the reel from the spool. Alternatively, cleaning the reel would not be easy.  
  • As the very next step, the best strategy is to make the drag tight. As a result, water would not enter the washers. 
  • Use a hose and shower the reel with decreased pressure. Avoid enhanced pressure and directly submerge the reel. 
  • Allow the reel to drain additional water and let it dry. 

 Have you done the above steps? Congratulations! Your reels are ready for the next session. 

Method 2

Deep external cleaning

This type of cleaning depends on the location, type of water, and frequency of fishing. With two sessions of fishing per week, you need to use external cleaning once a month. 

In addition, this type of cleaning needs time and practice as you have to approach joints and parts of the reel. 

For this cleaning, simply, follow the below steps;

  • First of all, go for superficial cleaning and follow the first three steps discussed above. At this step, you need your reel guard, cloth, and instructions. 
  • In the very next step, remove the line from the spool. You will find sand and salt below the line. Moreover, after reinstalling the line, its part near the arbor will be on the top. 
  • Now, the spool is ready to detach from the rotor. Now, it’s time to clean nuts, creases, and bends with a wet and soft cloth from both sides. 
  • Separate the handles from the reel and use cue tips to remove grime from rebates and joints. Furthermore, use a wet cloth and clean the whole reel. 
  • Now, separate the knob and bail arm from the handle. Save the screws and use reel guard lubricant and go for re-assembling. Use the dry cloth to make the reel dry and with a spool. Moreover, remove additional water with a few cranks. It’s time to spray the reel with a reel guard and leave it to dry.

Method 3 

Full reel deep clean

Deep clean needs to separate all the parts that are followed by cleaning, reassembling, and regreasing. Generally, new anglers prefer this method for the smooth running of the reel.

Final Verdict

At the end of this discussion, you know the importance and guide on spinning reel maintenance. Of course, new anglers find it difficult but you must know the right path for smooth working. 

Following one of the above methods would promise to make your basket full of fish this month.

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