How to Fix Spinning Reel Problems

8 Most Common Spinning Reel Problems and How to Fix It

Spinning reels are the hot pick of today’s fishing habit. There are a lot of reasons that make it a great choice. Yes, beginners know that spinning reels are simple to use and stay fit for beginners. However, spinning reel problems may hit regardless if you are new or an expert angler.

In fact, 

The reasons are different and the solutions are not that difficult. No doubt, the market is offering you the best spinning reels. Still, problems may arise. 

Keep in mind, the key reason for the spinning reel problem arises due to lack of maintenance. 


Ensure proper maintenance and go for the below guidelines if the problem persists. Yes, we have discussed multiple spinning reel problems and related solutions to wipe out your confusion about fishing.

Let us discuss them one by one. 

Spinning Reel Problems

1- Braided Line Get Slips From the Spool

The main problem arises due to the aluminum surface of the spool that made the braided line slip out. As a result, it develops retrieving issues. 


As a quick fix, you can go for braid ready reel type. In fact, this reel has a rubber section that skips the slippage issue. On the other hand, you can use 10% mono as backing to bypass slippage issues. 

2- Line Not Running Under Bail Arm

Line not running under the bail arm is another issue that arises frequently. New anglers fail to find the reason. In fact, this problem arises due to the wrong threading of the line. 


The solution is simple. Just go for rethreading and all done. At this time, the angler needs to make sure to go under the bail arm. In addition, before the arbor knot, open the bail arm. 

3- Spinning Reel Locked Up

The locking-up problem of spinning reels can have disastrous effects. The results may be serious or too complex. Mostly, this issue arises due to broken internals, corrosion, loose parts jamming rotation, or poorly aligned gears. 


First of all, remove the plates and check for any corrosion. Also, check for proper alignment and mesh. Keep in mind, don’t forget to check your bearings. Remove the spool and clean all the parts for smooth casting. 

4- The Spinning Reel Does Not Lock

Locking issues due to a broken anti-reverse system or misleading functioning due to any reason. 


This issue is too common and frustrating. So you should know how to fix it. First of all, you need to know the type of anti-reverse system as variations lie in it. Now, remove the parts and find the reason for an instant fix. 

For the best fix, we recommend you detach the clutch, inspect keenly, and clean it. 

Keep notice,

If the issue persists, replace the bearing. 

5- The Spinning Reel Gets Tangled

Some anglers encounter an issue that the spinning reel always gets tangled. This problem arises due to under or over the full spool, line external to reel rating, or with the old line. 

In addition, pool line lay may be the key reason for non-stop tangling. Uniform line lay is the key solution to it. 


Have you checked the reel there are zero issues regarding the poor or old line. Okay! You need to investigate more. As a quick fix, you can install a shim for an effective line lay.

Keep in mind, due to small parts, this step may be a bit tricky.

6- The Spinning Reel Does Not Turn

This problem is too similar to that of reel locking up. No doubt, this problem arises due to multiple reasons, but before going for solutions, anglers should check simple issues.


Before detaching the parts, make sure that line is not underneath the spool. Typically, the reel gets locked up and it’s a common issue. 

First of all, remove the line from the spool and let the spool free. Keep in mind, you need to detach the rotor if it gets the line. Now, look for any abnormality like; broken parts, corrosion, or disturbed parts. 

Moreover, the locking problem may be due to sand inside. So, fix them all and move on. 

7- Spinning Reel Bail Stays Open

Due to the bent bail arm, the spinning reel bail stays open and does not close. If your spinning reel comes with an auto bail arm, the reason for the issue may be a corrosion actuator or spring. 


Switching the bail arm into its original shape is too difficult. Keep in mind, it’s an anchor point so, never put a strain on it. So, start with removing the bail arm and getting access to the system. 

Next, clean dust, sand, or other corrosion that you encounter. 

8- Old Ball Bearings

An angler knows that a modern spinning reel comes with multiple ball bearings. But, these become old due to continuous usage. Obviously, they demand replacement.

However, most of the time these need to regrease and cleaned to touch their optimum performance. 


First of all, you need to detect the problematic bearing and remove it. Next, clean and grease it properly before reinstalling it. Keep in mind, if the bearing is corroded, replace it simply. 

Final Verdict

Regardless of its simplicity, spinning reel problems are diverse. Whatever the problem may be, the solution is simple. So, before going for a complex solution, start with the most simple steps. 

As a result, we have discussed the most common problems of a spinning reel and related solutions. Now, get ready to detect the problem and apply a solution to it. 

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Have you encountered any spinning reel problem that is not available on the list? Just tell me, we will be happy to hear from you.

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