Difference Between Spinning Rod VS Casting Rod – A Detailed Guide

Anglers all around the globe have a lot of knowledge about different reels and rods too, but what about you? Do you want to learn something new? If yes, here we are with our detailed comparison article between spinning rod VS casting rod. There is not much difference when it comes to fishing rods but you should know the minor differences if you want to be the best angler 

Before buying a fishing rod or reel you should have prior knowledge about the fishing reels and rods which you will obviously get in this article. However, we also have recommended the top 5 best spinning rod and reel combos. Do check them once if you need.

Spinning Rod VS Casting Rod

Now, let’s get started with the detailed comparison between spinning rods VS casting rods   

First of all, we will discuss some general information about spinning rods and casting rods if you have no prior fishing knowledge. 

What is a spinning rod?

A spinning rod is a type of fishing rod, which is paired with a spinning reel or even a spin-cast reel. On a spinning rod, we placed the reel below the fishing rod for convenience and the rod guide’s face downward. They are used mostly by beginners as they are easy to use and handle. Moreover, the line doesn’t get tangled easily using a spinning reel on a spinning rod 

What is a casting rod?

Casting rod or bait casting rod, as they say, are generally used by experienced anglers who have knowledge about the back lashing of the line which takes place while bait casting. We pair these rods with Bait-casting reels and they are not easy to learn. The Bait-casting reel usually sits on the top of the rod, which might be a problem for beginners and have their rod guides facing upwards. 

The types of reels paired with them 

Spinning reels 

Spinning reels are the popular ones amongst the four reels when it comes to angling as a beginner. They are usually easy to use and perform well during casting light lures. Moreover, they don’t have many confusing features and have an open bail. Spinning reels are attached downward of the spinning rod, which gives comfort to new anglers. Due to this factor they are popular amongst new anglers.  They can handle a test line of up to 10 anything over that is hard to handle. 

Bait-casting reels 

Professional anglers use Bait-casting reels while handling a test line of over 10. We usually recommend them for heavy lures as they are not compatible with light lures. Experience is required for using a Bait-casting reel so we do not recommend them for beginners as there is an issue called back lashing which usually occurs in casting reels. Also, they are lighter as compared to spinning reels. 

When to use them?

Obviously fishing rods are used while reeling but there are different factors which help in deciding the correct time and way to use a spinning rod or a casting rod. 

  • When to use a spinning rod?

The spinning rod, when paired with a spinning reel, can be used during any type of fishing including surf fishing and boat fishing. They are usually used while casting lightweight lures and covering small casting distances as compared to bait-casting rods. Moreover, they are used only during effortless tasks. Spinning rods are available in variable lengths and strengths which when paired with compatible spinning reel will yield better results. 

  • When to use a casting rod?

Casting rods are paired with bait-casting reels and generally used for casting heavy lures as they can’t cast lightweight lures easily. Moreover, bait-casting reels can handle a heavy test line over 10 and have a big line capacity which makes them eligible for fighting heavy and strong fishes and work efficiently during hard tasks. However, we would recommend you to use the spinning rod if you are a beginner. Otherwise, you can try bait-casting reels and rods. 

Which one performs better?

Depending on your choices we can’t say which one performs better as both of them are equally capable. However, professional anglers always go for baitcasting reels as they are lightweight, cast long distances and have a big line capacity to handle. On the other hand, spinning reels are mostly used by new anglers as they are easy to use and have a less line capacity. 


What length of spinning rod should I get?

The length of the rod depends on your budget and the distance you want to cover while casting. However, a 6 feet spinning rod or less than that will work perfectly if you want to cast small distances. Moreover, if you want to cast longer distances, always go for lengths over 6 feet. 

Can a casting rod be used with a spinning reel?

No, because the spinning reels usually sit below the fishing rod and the construction is so. On the other hand, the reel seat of a casting rod will be upwards so you can’t

use a spinning reel with a casting rod. 

Which is better: casting or spinning reel?

As said earlier in this article we can’t choose the best but when it comes to heavy lures and a professional fishing angle always go for bait casting. However, you will require a lot of time to learn to use a bait-casting reel. 


We can’t say which one is the best as both of these rods are used for their specific purpose. However, only go for bait casters if you have a good command on spinning rods otherwise, it may get problematic for you. In this article we have compared both of them and also discussed when to use them for the best results. You can also check out our detailed comparison between bait-casting reels VS spinning reels for more information. Moreover, if you are a beginner and in search of the best spinning reels, check out our article on top 10 best spinning reels of 2022.

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