What Spinning Reels Are Made In The USA

What Spinning Reel Brands are Made in the USA?

Choosing the right brand for a spinning reel is not as easy as it seems. In fact, multiple brands in the market have made the choice a bit confusing. Therefore, a lot of anglers want to know what spinning reel brands are made in the USA. 

The key reason for this search is that the best spinning reels are designed and manufactured in the USA. 

In fact,

Multiple spinning reel brands are made outside the USA. But, a lot of brands are present in the market that are the products of the USA. 

Therefore, we are going to cover spinning reel brands that are made in the USA.

Spinning Reel Brands in the USA


      As one of the most popular fishing reel brands made in the USA, KastKing has hit the market very decently. In 2011, some fellows of Syracuse University co-founded this brand due to their love for fishing. 

      Basically, they used the skills that college gave them. In fact, they have focused on the average angler which is the key reason behind its development. 


      For the excellent performance of anglers, KastKing provides a series of reels and necessary tools. The good news is KastKing has made all the prices below $200 to ensure affordability. 

        Penn Fishing

        In the world of best fishing reels, Penn is one of the most trusted USA brands. This brand has made the reels to cope in saltwater. It has a good touch of advanced engineering. 


        Due to the housing of its headquarters in Pennsylvania, the industry calls it Penn. Furthermore, this brand produces high end fishing reels to meet the requirements of expert anglers.

        Obviously, its price is high too. But the big news is that Penn has expanded his variety to support average anglers with price ranges below $200. 

          Accurate Fishing

          A few brands in the USA support saltwater fishing. Accurate fishing is one of them. This brand is introducing premium quality products that an average angler does not afford. However, professional anglers find good interest in it. 

          Do you know?

          ATD Platinum is one of the highest rated fishing reels. In the American region, it is unique to provide excellent craftsmanship. 

            IRT Reels

            The establishment of IRT Reels is an interesting story from a local shop to a brand level.  This brand is outstanding in the development of products that are famous for freshwater and saltwater, both. 

            IRT Reels produces the best rod and reel combo to inspire its users.

            The most amazing part is the support.

            This amazing brand offers a limited lifetime warranty, therefore, the angler can use it confidently. As far as the price is concerned, it is a bit higher than the affordability of an average and beginner fisherman. 

              ZeeBaas Fishing Reel

              Expert saltwater anglers know this brand very well. It also produces a line of premium quality fishing reels. From Vermont to Ohio, ZeeBaas has multiple points in the USA. 

              It started working in 2005 and has a short time to become famous. Keep in mind, it does not offer a readymade catalog. Alternatively, it provides products on a custom-built level. Obviously, this service made the brand an expensive option. 

              Who should go for this expense?

              Seasoned saltwater anglers should invest in this brand to ensure a successful and smooth fishing experience. Plus, this brand is instrumental in the production of spinning reels and machine-engineering your reel according to your requirements. 


              In short, ZeeBaas offers outstanding quality, customer support, and service. 

              • Seigler Fishing Reels 

              Another noteworthy brand that is made in the USA is Seigler Fishing Reels. Located in the state of Virginia, this fishing reel brand is instrumental for fly fishing and saltwater fishing. The name of this reel is based on its owner,  Wes Seigler, an American entrepreneur. 

              Founded in 2009, he has introduced a line of a fishing reels that stands on reliability and performance. 


              A step ahead of average reels, this brand produces reels that are suitable for saltwater anglers. No doubt, the price is high but the craftsmanship and quality are awesome. 

              You should appreciate its lever drag and star drag system that has made it a choice. 

              Final Verdict

              After consulting this article, we hope that you have developed a good idea of what spinning reel brands are made in the USA? In fact, it is one of the most demanding questions in the USA. So, we are happy that we have covered it for you. 

              What is your suggestion now? Do you know an additional brand that should be included in the list? 

              Mark, don’t forget to tell us in the comment section. 


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