Why are Spinning Reels Left Handed? – Detailed Explanation

As a new angler, one question used to knock my mind; why are spinning reel left handed? After strong research and experience, I got the answer. Now, you are looking for the same question.

Am I right?

This question is not all yours. Almost all the anglers are curious about the secret behind it. Therefore, I have decided to solve this mystery for you. The manufacturers have made the spinning reel left handed for a strong reason.

The current design of the spinning reel is to support your casting and ensure easy handling.

Yes, that’s the reason.

It seems you are getting more curious. So, I would not make you wait for long. Actually, the left handed spinning reels are designed due to more than one reason. I think it’s time to uncover all the facts one by one in detail.

Let us jump to the next section to find out the answer to the hottest query; why are spinning reels left handed?

Are you ready? Come with me.

Left handed reel

With a fixed caster on the right hand side, a spinning reel is made for the right handed person. In addition, the turning handle is placed on the left side which needs less energy to rotate. As far as the remaining body is concerned, it is covered with no visible component.

Rotating the handle of the spinning reel allows the bail arm to move around the spool.

Is that clear?

In short, the spool, bail arm, and handle work in coordination and make the line wrap onto the spool.

Why are spinning reels left handed?

In this section, I am going to expose all those points that make left handed spinning reels more feasible. Let me start with the advantage of big fish handling with a dominant hand.

1-     Fight the fish with the dominant hand

Have you ever come up with a large fish? To fight that large fish; which hand do you use? Of course, right hand. The location of the rod on the right hand side allows you to manage the large fish with ease. On the other hand, manufacturers have placed the reel handle on the left that making it left handed.

Actually, most people are right handed. So, the rod is placed on the right side to handle the big fish. While the reel handle is easy to turn with your weaker hand. Therefore, it is placed left.

Oh! I forgot to tell you a point.

This strategically made spinning reel (handle on left and rod on right) allows you continuous fishing for an extended time.

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2-     Weak hand turns the reel handle

How would you feel if the dumber hand perform work according to its strength, i.e., turning the handle? I bet, you will like it. So, the spinning will demand your left hand to perform lightweight action.

Do you know?

The handle of the spinning reel comes with an extended radius than the other types. As a result, turning the handle of the spinning reel is easier. Yes, your left hand is fit to perform this less energetic task.

Exploring the opposite face, the handle of conventional reels is not easy to manage with a dumber hand. All this is due to the small radius that needs more power and is suitable for the right hand.

3-     Get quicker hooksets with the right hand

Apart from fighting the fish, the right handed rod offers quicker hooksets. Yes, you have an idea that we react faster and stronger with our right hand. Is not it?

4-     Quick swapping with the right hand

With a spinning reel, handle placed at the left, you do not need to change hands again and again for each cast. Your weaker or non-dominant hand is enough for reeling for long.

These are some hot reasons that declare the strategy behind the unique design of the spinning reel. In my opinion, the spinning reel has the perfect design for right handed people.

Final Verdict

At this point, you have cleared your question; why are spinning reels left handed? Okay? The manufacturers have designed the spinning reel very strategically. I agree that this unique profile has made the spinning reel so popular.

Now, the situation is the whole fishing world is echoing with a common sound; the spinning reel, the spinning reel.


I have found the above mentioned facts that make spinning reel left handed. You must clear your doubts now. But, you may find some additional reasons that stand behind this profile.

If you find one or so, don’t forget to share those reasons in the comments.  

Thank you and have a wonderful fishing experience!

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