Why Does My Spinning Reel Make a Clicking Sound When Retrieving?

Catching a fish is not a big deal until you have a smooth running reel. A lot of new anglers ask, why does my spinning reel makes a clicking sound when retrieving?

We know you are looking for the same query. In fact, this issue arises due to unadjusted brakes, sand in the bearings, extensive greasing, loose handles, or knots in the line. 

No doubt, this issue is rear. However, we have brought a proper solution to it. 

Keep in mind,

You must be conscious while choosing a spinning reel. At the same time, spinning reel maintenance is compulsory for smooth casting.  

Now, let us find the reasons that make a clicking sound when retrieving. Simply, jump to the next step for deep consulting. 

Reasons for Clicking Sound During Retrieving

Clicking sound in the spinning reels hits due to multiple reasons. Let us find those reasons one by one with relevant solutions. The very first reason is the sand in the bearings. It’s time to dig it out.

1- Sand in the Bearings

The presence of debris, sand, or dust welcomes a clicking sound during rotation. Moreover, they made the bearings hurt with the passage of time. This problem may arise to the point where the reel is unable to work. 

So, keeping the bearings’ life longer is possible due to proper cleaning of the spinning reel. 

To fix it, uncover the bearings and examine the internal components. If found dirty, make it clean and the clicking sound would not be there. 

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2- The Braking System

One of the spinning reel problems includes an abnormality in the braking system. If the brakes are not set, you may encounter this issue. Moreover, spinning reel types also matter a lot. 

Keep in mind, a magnetic braking system does not pose an abnormality. So, with this system, simply jump to check other issues. 

To fix it, remove the external cover and check the brakes. Check the adjustment issue and set it quickly. 

3- Knot in the Line

Sometimes, an angler fails to find out the exact root of the noise. Other than reels, they may originate from the line due to large knots or debris. A large knot between the leader and the main line also generates noise while retrieving. 

To fix it, you can locate the knot with your eyes or feel it while retrieving the line through your fingers. 

4- Extensive Greasing in the Gears

Extensive greasing is another reason for the clicking noise while retrieving. In addition, it is as harmful as a non-greasy reel. This mistake is common in new anglers. 

As a result, it puts a bad impact on the ratchet kick lever and produces a click. 


There is a need to open the reel and verify the amount of grease. With extensive greasing, you must go for the cleaning of additional oil. Alternatively, you can take it to an expert to enhance confidence. 

5- Loose Screws

Mostly, loose screws produce noise during rotation. The location of these screws may be internal or external. So, check all the components and make all the screws tight. 

6- Loose Handle

Sometimes, these are not internal parts but handles that produce strange noises during retrieving. If it will be loose, enhanced chances are there for noise generation in each turn.

At this point, the simple strategy is to make it tight and the clicking voice would not be anymore. 

Final Verdict

In any unusual case, voice production is common and you ask why does my spinning reel make a clicking sound when retrieving it?

Yes, of course, any abnormality makes it click according to the situation. But, without good observation and excellent inspection, we can’t find the origin of the noise.

Don’t go complex,

Always start with the most simple steps and external inspection. If you find everything okay outside, simply unscrew it to find the clicking location and that’s all. 

We hope this article has offered you enough guidelines to fix that issue. 

On the other hand,

You can take it to an expert to find out the main problem. Keep in mind, never take this issue for granted. The persistent sound may add deep damage to the whole reel’s functioning. 

Now, tell us how you found these guidelines. What issue have you got in your reel? 

Don’t forget to appreciate us in the comments, if you have solved the solution.

Have a wonderful fishing experience!

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